Genshin Impact Irodori Poetry Part 2 is an interesting event quest in Hues of the Violet Garden. Check out this guide on how to unlock and complete this quest here.

I. How To Unlock Irodori Poetry Part 2

Only Travelers above Adventure Rank 30 are eligible for the event Hues of the Violet Garden. So, you need to reach this rank to unlock this quest. Besides, you need to unlock the event and complete the Irodori Poetry Part 1 quest first.

Go To See The Quest Givers
Go to see the quest givers and start the event challenge.

Irodori Poetry has three parts with different themes. Then, the objectives you need to take the photo of are also not the same.

  • Nostalgia theme: Find and take photos of four specialties in Inazuma, such as Naku Weed, Onikabuto, Sakura Bloom, Amakuno Fruits, etc.
  • Friendship theme: Take four photos of regional animals in Inazuma, such as Loach, Bake-Danuki, Crow, Adorned Unagi, Pale Red Crabs, Kitsune, Violet Ibis, etc.
  • Parting theme: The third-day challenge can only be done in Mondstadt. You need to travel there and take four pictures of Mondstadt's specialties, such as Windwheel Asters, Calla Lily, Dandelion Seed, Cecilia, etc.
Irodori Poetry Part 2
Irodori Poetry Part 2 has the Friendship theme.

II. All Genshin Impact Inazuma Animals

There are many Irodori Poetry part 2 animals you can take photos of. You need to find exclusive animals that appear in Inazuma only. Check out the list of all Inazuma regional animals as well as the best places to see them.

Wild animals Locations Wild animals Locations
Crow Grand Narukami Shrine Crab Tsurumi Island
Narukami Island
Loach Watatsumi Island
Suigetsu Pool
Suigetsu Pool
Sangonomiya Shrine
Lizard In shadowy bushes around Inazuma
Ibis Ritou / Narukami Island Kitsune Byakko Plain
Unagi Yashiori Island Electro Crystalfly Seirai Island
Bake-Danuki Tatarasuna Island Gray Cat City of Inazuma
Take Photos Of Regional Animals
Take photos of four regional animals in Inazuma.

When you get close to these enemies, they will run or fly away, except for Kitsune on the outskirts of Inazuma. Therefore, you need to take the photo quickly before they escape. You can also use the two best characters with ideal talents for approaching animals, such as:

  • Sayu: Her Silencer's Secret talent lets this character approach Crystalflies without startling them. Then, they can catch or take photos of them easily.
  • Aloy: She is a great bird hunter in Genshin Impact with the talent called 'Easy Does It'. She can approach the bird quietly without startling them.

You should equip these characters in your team when going on exploration and taking photos of animals in Genshin Impact.

III. Irodori Poetry Part 2 How To Take Photo

The main activity in Genshin Impact Irodori Poetry Part 2 is taking photos. So, players need to know how to take photos correctly to get the correct pictures.

To get the photo challenge, you need to teleport to Ritou to talk to Ootomo and Lenne about the theme. Then, go to the best locations of specialties or animals to take photos.

You don't use the Kamera in this mission. Therefore, photos taken by the Kamera are not accepted. Travelers need to use the Photo Function in the Paimon Menu to take pictures. The camera will scan the objective and notify you that you get the right item or animals.

Use The Photo Function
Use the photo function in the Paimon's Menu to take pictures and know whether you capture the right target.

Take four photos and return back to Ritou and report the quest to Lenne. Then, you have to choose the stanza for his poem.

Travelers can select any option they want because there is no right or wrong answer to fill in the gap. You still complete the mission and claim rewards no matter which sentence you choose.

Irodori Poetry Part 2 Event
Help Lenne complete the poem.

IV. The Moon & Stars Inscribe Event Rewards

Irodori Poetry Part 2 mission in the Moon & Stars Inscribe event gives players a lot of attractive rewards. After completing all three parts, you can earn up to 120 Primogems from this easy event. The rewards for all three parts of the event are pretty similar.

Here are all rewards from Genshin Impact Irodori Poetry Part 2.

  • Primogem x40;
  • Hero's Wit x2;
  • Mora x20000;
  • Philosophies of Elegance x2;
  • Adventurer's Experience x4;
  • Wanderer's Advice x8.

You only receive different books of Talent Level-Up from three parts of the event. You get Philosophies of Transience in part 1 and  Philosophies of Light in part 3.

Claim Rewards
Claim rewards from the event mission after completing the photo challenge.

Those are all about Genshin Impact Irodori Poetry Part 2. You can complete it in a few minutes with the list of all regional animals in Inazuma.

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