According to the rotation, the next Lantern Rite event will fall on Genshin Impact 5.4. Another Adepti character seems to arrive. Let's check out who is that character and some leaks about his/her release.

Genshin Impact Madam Ping Leaks
Madame Ping seems to be the upcoming character in Lantern Rite 2025.

Leaked Lantern Rite Character

A recent Genshin Impact leak says that Madame Ping may be released as a playable character in the next Lantern Rite Patch 5.4 after Cloud Retainer Xianyun. Like the Cloud Retainer, Madame Ping is also an Adeptus who voluntarily takes responsibility for protecting Liyue from devils, monsters, and demons.

Unlike other Adepti in half-human form, Madame Ping appears in the full-human form. You can find her in the appearance of an indulgent elderly woman living in Liyue Harbor. She also helped Travelers as an NPC in unlocking the Serenitea Pot to open their world for creation. Madame Ping also appeared in the Archon Quest, events, some World Quests, and Story Quests in Liyue.

According to @hxg_diluc, one of the most popular sources of information about Genshin Impact, Madame Ping may become a playable character in the Lantern Rite 2025 which falls in Patch 5.4.

Genshin Impact Madam Ping Leaks
Madame Ping is an Adeptus who is protecting Liyue.

Madame Ping's Leaked Weapon

According to the leaker, Madame Ping may be a 5-star Polearm wielder. She is the martial master of YaoYao and Xiangling who also use this type of weapon.

Moreover, she can take the role of a DPS with an 88% CRIT DMG bonus from her signature polearm. This weapon also matches Xiao's kit, so you can get it for Xiao if you have failed to obtain the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear for him.

Genshin Impact Madam Ping
Madame Ping can be a Polearm character.

Madame Ping's Leaked Element

There is no information about Madame Ping's element. But we can predict it by her outfit's color. She appeared in the paintings of Liyue's Adepti and Archon with Guizhong, Xianyun, and Zhongli. We can expect to see Madame Ping in the blue outfit that she wears like in the picture because Xianyun and Zhongli's outfits were true to the art.

Besides, you can see some fish scales on her blue dress, which may imply that Madame Ping is possibly a Hydro character. If these leaks are true, this Streetward Rambler will be the first Hydro Polearm character in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Character
Madame Ping can be a Hydro character.

These are the latest leaks about an upcoming Adepti character in Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 5.4. Stay tuned for more Genshin Impact leaks on

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