Perpetual Mechanical Array is a new boss of the Automatons family. It has totally new gameplay that you have never seen before. Therefore, it's pretty hard to defeat it in the first trial without a completed guide. Let's see how to defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss here.

Perpetual Mechanical Array Skills

Before going to learn how to defeat a new boss in Genshin Impact, you have to understand the attacks, skills, and drops of this boss.

Perpetual Mechanical Array
Learn to defeat Perpetual Mechanical Array.

Boss Drops

Perpetual Mechanical Array is an important opponent that gives players many precious rewards, including important ascension materials. Here are all rewards for defeating Perpetual Mechanical Array.

  • Shivada Jade series
  • Prithiva Topaz series
  • Perpetual Heart
  • Berserker Set
  • Wanderer's Troupe Set
  • The Exile Set
  • Gladiator's Finale Set
  • Prayers to Springtime

Please note that the number and quality of rewards depending on the level of this boss.

Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array Location
Perpetual Mechanical Array is a new boss in Inazuma.

Skills And Attacks

The new boss Perpetual Mechanical Array is very powerful and dangerous with a lot of attacks and skills.

  • Rocket Blast: It throws a shower of rockets to the aimed target.
  • Orbital Strike: It targets your characters with a reticle and then strikes down on them.
  • Cube Roll: Like the Pyro Hypotasis boss, Perpetual Mechanical Array turns into a cube and move at an insane speed to crash and crush you.
  • Sword Slash: In melee fights, this machine transforms its shape to make a giant sword and slashes from left to right.
Perpetual Mechanical Array
It has a lot of dangerous attacks.
  • Blade Spin: Like the previous skill, Perpetual Mechanical Array also does powerful slashes in the shape of a giant blade but in a zig-zag line.
  • Energy Cannon: This attack causes physical damage to your character by firing cannons full of energy.
  • Defensive Mode: This dangerous boss also has the defensive mode like Hypotasis bosses. It launches four cubes of Ruin Sentinels to defend.
Array And Mini Enemies Genshin Impact
Defensive Mode of this boss.

How To Defeat Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss?

To defeat this boss, you should have a powerful team that equals or exceeds the boss's level. Let's check out the recommended team and the best strategies to defeat this boss quickly.

Best Team For Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss Fight

As Perpetual Mechanical Array is a non-elemental enemy, you don't need to worry about the elemental resistance. You only need to choose the strongest characters to build your team. Here are some recommended characters for your team:

  • DPS fighters: Diluc, Hu Tao.
  • Sub-DPS fighters: Ayaka, Zhongli.
  • Supporters: Ningguang, Diona, Bennett.

It's better to use melee fighters who uses sword, claymore, and polearm to play the role of tankers. These characters will cause powerful slashes or strikes to deal huge physical damage to this boss. Besides, don't forget to recruit a character who can create a shield to protect allies from powerful blasts of Perpetual Mechanical Array.

Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array
Bennett is a powerful supporter for the best team against Perpetual Mechanical Array boss fight.

Tips To Defeat Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss

  • Use elemental attacks to deal elemental DMG frequently. Melt or Vaporize reactions are highly recommended to counter this machine.
  • In the Defense Mode of the boss, quickly defeat the marked Ruin Enemy to force it to get out of this mode. Don't attack unmarked enemies because they won't take DMG.
  • Save your bursts for its Immobility phase. When it's immobilized, use the strongest attacks and burst to deal the highest DMG to this enemy.
  • Save your stamina to dodge its deadly attacks.

That's all about Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array and the best tips to defeat it.

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