Into the Dark: Narakan is an upcoming turn-based action game from developer Orc Punk.
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In this game, you will enter the game as a lost player, awakening from your slumber in a forest engulfed in darkness and shrouded bushes. You have no idea what happened that led you here, and more importantly, you are not alone. Rustle is coming from the tall grass around you. In a desperate moment, you hear an infant crying for help. You rush towards the voice, trying desperately to help and also to find a lead.
The game comprises roguelike elements with a particular interface: Everything is entirely made of geometrical shapes: trees, persons, land or even weapon. This brings a nostalgic feeling of the old-time classic RPG games that used ASCII artwork.

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Everything is made of geometrical shapes

And also similar to many of those classic games, this is a turn-based action game, so basically, the enemies will only make their moves when you make yours. They will move in a certain pattern that you can exploit to attack. Since Into the Dark: Narakan is a roguelike game, there is no way around a fight. You will have to fight every enemy you encounter along the way.

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Encounter many enemies along the way

Equipment can be found as you progress. You will have to research your opponent's moves and eliminate them before they strike you down. This game will test your critical thinking to the greatest extent. Every move you make will have to be carefully examined and well prepared. Remember Mummy Maze? Remember how the mummy always give you chill when it almost gets you? Then Into The Dark: Narakan will give you better rhythm due to the fact that you can fight back your enemies.
You can unravel the mystery of the forest in person on November 6. But you can order the game now on App Store for a 25% discount, which is only 2.99 USD, whereas it will cost you 3.99 USD when it is launched.