Bailu stands out as an exceptional character in the popular game Honkai: Star Rail, known for its stellar warp 5-star characters. With her Lightning element and her Abundance path, she holds a distinctive role as one of the few healers in the game, at least until new characters are introduced. This makes her incredibly valuable for players starting out, as those lucky enough to acquire her can greatly benefit from her impressive healing abilities. Additionally, she possesses a unique power to shield an ally from being knocked down once per battle, adding an extra level of defense and durability.

Character Trailer Shows Off The Dragon Like Heale
Honkai Star Rail Bailu

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete build guide for Bailu.

1. Bailu character overview

Bailu is the only other healer character available at the game's launch, alongside Nat. Bailu surpasses Nat in specific situations, possessing a talent with an ultimate extension and a one-time in-combat revival. The revival aspect is rarely useful unless there have been multiple poor combat decisions. Bailu's talent also includes Invigoration, where allies receive healing when hit by enemies, occurring twice.

This proactive healing is accessed through her ultimate, instantly healing all allies and extending the Invigoration status. Bailu's skill is a targeted heal that bounces twice to other allies, providing significant healing but with some unpredictability. Her bonus traces enhance Invigoration, allowing overhealing and increasing heal-on-hit triggers. Invigorated characters also gain damage reduction, enhancing defensive utility. Overall, Bailu is a formidable healer with strong upfront healing and integrated passive healing, facilitating more frequent use of basic attacks and generating more SP for the team.

Honkai Star Rail Bailu Build
Bailu's heal also has a bit of utility

2. Best build for Bailu


The recommended Cavern Relic set for Bailu is the Passerby of Wandering Cloud (4p). This set offers an increased Outgoing Healing bonus through its 2p bonus and grants an extra skill point at the start of battles. When it comes to Planary ornaments, players have two options. The first choice is the Fleet of the Ageless (2p), which not only boosts Bailu's HP for improved healing but also provides an ATK buff to all allies if her speed surpasses 120. This adds a supportive aspect to her healing capabilities. On the other hand, players who want to prioritize Bailu's Ultimate ability and conserve skill points can consider the Sprightly Vonwacq (2p) set. This set enhances energy regeneration and enables Bailu to take further actions if her speed exceeds 145. Both Planary Ornament options rely on speed, but Fleet of the Ageless is a more balanced and versatile choice that is also easier to obtain.

Where To Find Passerby Of Wandering Cloud Relic Se
Passerby of Wandering Cloud

In terms of the main stats, players should aim for:

  • Body: Outgoing Healing Boost
  • Feet:HP% or Speed
  • Planar Sphere: HP%
  • Link Rope: HP% or Energy Regen Rate

When it comes to sub-stats, the priority for Bailu should be HP% > Flat HP > Speed in order to maximize her healing potential.

Light Cones for Bailu

Fortunately, there are several light cone options available for Bailu's Abundance path, both from gacha and as free-to-play (F2P) options, all of which are generally effective. One standout choice among them is Bailu's signature 5-star light cone, Time Waits for No One. This light cone not only boosts Bailu's HP but also adds extra damage per second (DPS) by triggering a lightning attack based on her outgoing healing whenever a healed ally attacks the enemy. However, it's important to note that this light cone can currently only be obtained through gacha or by redeeming it from the Store for 600 Starlight, although the latter option is not recommended.

Honkai Star Rail Bailu 1

Other light cone options include the 4-star light cones, Post-Op Conversation and Shared Feeling. These light cones provide additional outgoing healing and energy regeneration, although with different conditions and values. Another viable choice is the 3-star light cone called Cornucopia, which increases outgoing healing for both skills and the ultimate. It serves as a valuable F2P option for players.

Trace Priority for Bailu

When evaluating Bailu's abilities, the recommended order for upgrades is as follows: Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic Attack. It is also advisable for players to prioritize unlocking Bailu's Ascension Traces and minor traces associated with HP% whenever available, as these enhancements provide additional boosts to her healing prowess. By following this approach, players can optimize their use of resources and construct an ideal build for Bailu.

3. Best team for Bailu

Clara In Honkai Star Rail
Clara In Honkai Star Rail

As previously mentioned, Bailu can excel in any situation. Her entire kit is dedicated to healing HP, except for her E4 bonus, which allows her to buff the ATK of healed allies. She is unique among Abundance characters as she can both overheal and revive fallen teammates. These qualities make her particularly valuable for Destruction characters or anyone who benefits from Max HP scaling. Considering her abilities, here are some characters who synergize well with Bailu:

  1. Arlan - Currently, Arlan is the only character in the game with an HP cost, meaning he is often on the brink of death. Bailu acts as a safety net for the team, making her a valuable companion. Blade may take over this role once players acquire him.
  2. Fire Trailblazer - Bailu's Invigoration effect, which provides healing when allies take damage, works exceptionally well with Fire Trailblazer. Their taunt ability synergizes with Bailu's healing, allowing Fire Trailblazer to absorb more hits than usual.
  3. Clara - Similar to Fire Trailblazer, Clara can efficiently utilize Bailu's Invigoration due to her expectation of taking frequent hits. With her Ultimate active, Clara gains bonus DMG Reduction, making Bailu's healing even more effective. This combination works best alongside March 7th, who manages aggro for the team.
  4. Bailu's strong sustained group healing makes her valuable in tankless hypercarry compositions.

Overall, Bailu's healing prowess and unique abilities make her a versatile and powerful support character who can thrive in various team compositions.

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