Captain Gepard Landau, leading Belobog's Silvermane Knights, is a tank specialized in immobilizing foes and safeguarding his team through the use of shields. In the game, he was among the initial 5-star characters introduced, offering an alternative option to March 7th due to their shared role.

Gepard serves as a reliable frontline protector by default, but with the right configuration, he can also effectively control crowds, preventing significant enemies from taking any action. Similar to other characters in the game, Gepard possesses his own set of strengths and weaknesses, leaving it to the players to discover how to capitalize on his positive attributes. To assist players in building Gepard optimally in Honkai: Star Rail, here is a comprehensive guide.

Honkai Star Rail Gepard
Honkai Star Rail Gepard

Honkai: Star Rail - Gepard Build Guide

Gepard is designed as a defensive character dedicated to absorbing damage on behalf of his team. His skills primarily focus on reducing the impact of incoming attacks by inflicting Freeze status. For Honkai enthusiasts interested in optimizing Gepard's performance, it is recommended to prioritize the following statistics, Relics, and Light Cones during the character's development:

  • Core Stat Priorities: DEF%, Effect Hit Rate, ATK%, SPD
  • Planar Ornament Stat Priorities: Ice DMG%, Energy Regen
  • Relic Sets: Knight of Purity Palace (4PC), Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise (2PC)
  • Light Cones: Moment of Victory (5-star), Landau's Choice (4-star)

To enhance the effectiveness of Gepard's abilities, players should focus on accumulating DEF% and Effect Hit Rate. Additionally, ATK% can be considered as a secondary priority due to the significant damage scaling ratio of Gepard's skill, Daunting Strike.

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Gepard Build

For a dedicated tank build, Knight of Purity Palace is a recommended option. This set not only boosts the user's DEF but also strengthens the shields they generate. Another viable set for Gepard is Guard of Wuthering Snow, which helps him sustain his HP and energy levels when his health falls below 50%. This set is particularly useful when Gepard is part of a team lacking a dedicated healer.

Regarding Planar Ornaments, there are various suitable choices available. Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise is an offensive set that enhances Effect Hit Rate and ATK. On the other hand, Belobog of the Architects can further increase Gepard's DEF by up to 30%.

When it comes to Light Cones, Moment of Victory is the optimal choice for Gepard. It significantly boosts his DEF stat, while also providing additional Effect Hit Rate and attracting enemy attacks. Landau's Choice serves as a more budget-friendly alternative but lacks the Effect Hit Rate bonus. Since Gepard cannot draw aggro towards himself, he relies on passive abilities and Light Cones to compensate for this limitation.

Gepard Trace Leveling Order

To get the most out of Gepard in combat, level up the following traces in order:

  • Enduring Bulwark (Ultimate)
  • Daunting Strike (Skill)
  • Basic attack
  • Unyielding Will (Talent)

Unyielding Will is of lesser importance compared to the other abilities since its primary function is to provide a safety net when Gepard's HP reaches zero. Ideally, as a tank, Gepard should avoid dying altogether, allowing players to disregard this ability if desired.

Both Enduring Bulwark and Daunting Strike should be leveled equally as they hold great value in Gepard's skill set. Daunting Strike, in particular, is crucial for maintaining Gepard's damage output while simultaneously keeping enemies frozen.

Lastly, acquiring the Integrity passive early on is advisable to compensate for Gepard's absence of taunt abilities. The minor boosts to Ice DMG and DEF are beneficial but can be postponed until there is an abundance of character materials available.

Honkai: Star Rail Gepard Team Comps

Gepard is a Tank character who excels in offering utility and AOE shielding. Because of that, he can pretty much participate in any team.

His notable advantages include the ability to apply the Freeze status with his Skill and provide substantial protection to the entire team through his low-cost Ultimate. While Gepard can be effective in various scenarios, his true brilliance is showcased in content featuring significant AOE damage, such as boss fights.

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Yanqing could definitely use Gepard's powerful shield.

Yanqing Hypercarry Team Comp

While Yanqing takes the spotlight in this team composition, Gepard plays a crucial role as a vital component of the entire setup. By utilizing his Ultimate skill, Gepard can shield the agile Ice swordsman, ensuring that Yanqing's Soulsteel Sync buff remains active by preventing any damage. Combining Gepard's shielding with Yanqing's ability to Freeze enemies, players can unleash a barrage of attacks before the enemy has a chance to retaliate. Together, they form a powerful synergy that allows for sustained offense and control over the battlefield.

  • DPS: Yanqing
  • Tank: Gepard
  • Support: Tingyun/Bronya
  • Any Healer

Gepard is chosen over Fire Trailblazer in this situation due to the inadequacy of the latter's team-wide shield in fully mitigating incoming AOE damage. Additionally, Fire Trailblazer's Taunt skill is not always reliable, especially when facing bosses. While March 7th is a viable alternative, her shield interferes with Yanqing's passives that decrease aggro.

In this setup, any Support character capable of enhancing Yanqing's damage is highly valued. If players discover that Gepard's shields alone are sufficient for the team's survival, they have the option to forgo a Healer and instead include a second Support unit to maximize overall DPS.

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