Jing Yuan, a new playable character in Honkai Star Rail, is now available with the latest banner drop. He specializes in area-of-effect (AoE) attacks and belongs to the "Erudition" Path. Players looking to enhance his damage potential should prioritize his signature weapon, "Before Dawn," which significantly boosts his overall abilities. The "Brilliant Fixation" warp is a recommended option for cost-conscious players to obtain this weapon.

Jing Yuan possesses a diverse set of abilities, including the Lightning Lord, which acts as a follow-up attack during combat. The "Erudition" Path offers a variety of Light Cones with unique passive skills that benefit different aspects of Jing Yuan's kit.

1. Before Dawn

As mentioned earlier, "Before Dawn" significantly enhances Jing Yuan's damage potential. This passive ability increases critical damage by 36% and ultimate damage by 18% for the wielder. Since most players utilize Jing Yuan as their primary DPS character, these buffs are crucial for maximizing his effectiveness.

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Before Dawn

Furthermore, casting a skill or ultimate will boost the damage of the wearer's follow-up attacks by 48%. Considering that Jing Yuan's Lightning Lord ability counts as a follow-up strike, this aspect of the passive greatly benefits the Arbiter General.

In general, the Light Cone, which includes "Before Dawn," provides significant value to other "Erudition" characters in Honkai Star Rail. Its rarity as a 5-star weapon ensures a higher base attack, which is advantageous for increasing damage multipliers.

2. Night on The Milky Way

"Night on the Milky Way" is the recommended Light Cone for Himeko, and it is also a great choice for Jing Yuan. This Light Cone's passive ability increases the wearer's attack (ATK) by 8% for each active opponent on the battlefield, with a maximum of five stacks. Additionally, it grants a 24% damage (DMG) boost for a single turn after inflicting a Weakness Break. When the Light Cone reaches its maximum stack, all of Jing Yuan's abilities will benefit from a 40% ATK increase.

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Night on The Milky Way

Since Jing Yuan is often utilized in area-of-effect (AoE) scenarios, maintaining the buff from "Night on the Milky Way" should be a straightforward task.

3. The Seriousness of Breakfast

One could argue that the optimal 4-star Light Cone for Jing Yuan is "The Seriousness of Breakfast." This Light Cone boosts the wearer's damage (DMG) by 12%. Furthermore, their attack (ATK) increases by 4% for each defeated enemy, with a maximum of three stacks. Since the passive applies to his entire set of abilities, players on a free-to-play (F2P) budget should consider upgrading it for their Lightning General.

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The Seriousness of Breakfast

"The Seriousness of Breakfast" can be obtained at the "Forgotten Halls" in Honkai Star Rail, making it accessible for Trailblazers. By upgrading it to 'Superimpose V,' the bonus effects will be doubled.

4. The Birth of the Self

"The Birth of the Self" is often considered a specialized choice due to its passive effect, which boosts the damage of the wearer's follow-up attacks. Since Jing Yuan heavily relies on his Lightning Lord ability for offense, he can easily take advantage of the Light Cone's buff. With this Light Cone equipped, his attacks will deal 24% increased damage overall, and an additional 24% against targeted enemies with less than 50% maximum HP.

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The Birth of the Self

"The Birth of the Self" performs exceptionally well in the Simulated Universe within Honkai Star Rail. By accumulating enough Blessings of the Elation, Jing Yuan can achieve impressive damage numbers against elite enemies in the simulation.

5. Today Is Another Peaceful Day

Finally, "Today Is Another Peaceful Day" from the Nameless Honor set is another excellent 4-star choice for Jing Yuan. Its passive ability activates when the wearer enters the battle, granting a damage (DMG) boost of 0.20% based on their maximum energy.

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Today Is Another Peaceful Day

Furthermore, this buff remains active throughout the entire combat phase. As a result, players seeking consistent damage output for their characters should strongly consider acquiring it from the Honkai Star Rail battle pass.

Is the Jing Yuan Banner Worth Pulling For?

Simply put, yes. In essence, Jing Yuan is an upgraded version of Serval. Both characters belong to the Erudition category, but Jing Yuan excels as a direct damage dealer, while Serval synergizes well with Nihility characters and damage-over-time (DoT) effects. They are both effective in dealing with groups of enemies, but Jing Yuan offers a unique style of area-of-effect (AOE) damage compared to the renowned Belobog.

Even during the closed beta tests of Honkai: Star Rail, Jing Yuan proved to be a reliable Erudition character with significant damage potential. His Lightning Lord ability allows him to effectively attack twice for extra dmg, and he can utilize both opportunities to exploit Lightning Weaknesses with his powerful moves. Jing Yuan's proficiency is particularly valuable in Memory of Chaos floors that feature numerous enemies susceptible to Lightning damage.

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