Many players started playing Free Fire not knowing what it was and so they just picked a random name at the beginning. But then most people get so hooked up in it that they ut hundreds of hours into the game before they even knew.

As people love the game more, they would want your account to be perfect and of course, with a cool name that you actually like and not the random name you used. But it usually too late when they realized this.

Free Fire only allows players to set your name for free once. You can use Diamonds to buy a Name Change Card in the Store but it is definitely not worth the money since it cost 390 Diamonds and there are still other things such as characters and pets to buy.

Spending 390 Diamonds just to change your in-game name is definetly not a good option, especially if you are a free-to-play player

So here is how you can get a Name Change Card in Free Fire with only 39 Diamonds.

In the main lobby of Free Fire, go to Store and then choose the Redeem tab and Guide Token. In there, you can buy a Name Change Card for only 39 Diamonds and 200 Guild Token.

Free Fire Name Change Card How To Use Name Change
You can get a Name Change card for only 39 Diamonds and 200 Guild Token in the Guild Token shop

To get Guild Tokens, you need to join or create a guild. In your guild, there will be daily missions and events for you to complete and get Guild Tokens.

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