Candy is an important item in Pokemon Go. You need it when evolving Pokemon and get a Pokemon at a higher standard. Here are all methods to get rare candies in this game.

1. What is Rare Candy in Pokemon Go?

Rare candy is an important item to raise Pokemon and evolve them. You can use it to increase Pokemon's levels quickly without having to farm EXP. The rare candy is more precious than normal candy. It can be used for Rare Pokemon and increase their level rapidly. The evolved Pokemon often have better statistics and greater power than normal ones. You can also use it to revive Pokemon.

Rare Pokemon In Pokemon Go
You can use rare candies to raise rare Pokemon and upgrade them to get a stronger Pokemon.

2. How to get Rare Candies in Pokemon Go

There are three main ways to get rare candies in Pokemon Go, including completing special research tasks, walking, and winning raid battles. Please also note that higher-tier candies are very rare and difficult to obtain.

Special Research Tasks

The first way to collect rare candies in Pokemon Go is by completing research tasks. There are many special research tasks in Research Event every week and month. Pokemon trainers need to find the Pokemon required in those research missions and claim rewards that include candies. If you are lucky, you can get some rare candies.

Complete Special Research Tasks
Earn rare candies in Pokemon Go by completing research tasks in Pokemon Go research events every month.


Pokemon trainers can also collect rare candies simply by walking. The farther you travel on foot, the more rewards you will get. If you walk for about 25 kilometers for catching Pokemon, you will have a small chance to be rewarded with rare candies. The chance to get rare candies is always smaller than normal candies.

Walking On Foot
Pokemon trainers need to walk on foot to catch Pokemon and get rare candies during research events.

In fact, many players do tricks to walk in Pokemon Go without moving in real life but we do not recommend this as you may get banned once the devs found out.

Winning Raid Battles

You also have a greater chance to get rare candies from raid battles. If you win a raid battle in Pokemon Go, you can get up to 12 rare candies. It's one of the most efficient and fastest ways to collect rare candies in this game. But you should use two previous methods to earn more candies and evolve normal Pokemon to high-standard Pokemon before the battle.

Win Raid Battle
Win raid battles during raid hours or special events such as Pokemon Fest to get rewards, including rare candies.

Let's try to use all methods to earn as many rare candies as possible. There are a lot of interesting events and special researches for Pokemon Trainers to catch Rare Pokemon and get other rewards, including rare candies.

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3. How to use Rare Candies in Pokemon Go 2021

Rare candies are very vital for upgrading, raising, and evolving Rare Pokemon in this game. Pokemon Go trainers need a lot of rare candies to make their Rare Pokemon more powerful in PvP battles. Follow these steps to use rare candies to evolve Pokemon or power it up.

  • Tap on the menu and locate the Rare candies in the Item section.
  • Select the rare Pokemon you want to evolve in your menu.
  • Choose the number of rare candies you want to transfer to specific candies. Each rare species of Pokemon require a different type of candies. Therefore, you need to transfer rare candies into required candies.
Transfer Rare Candies To Special Candies
You need to transfer rare candies to special candies before evolving rare Pokemon in this game.
  • You will see two options with the required number of rare candies, including Power Up and Evolve.
  • Tap on the Evolve button if you want to evolve it or the Power Up button if you wish to raise it. Pokemon trainers often need to use Stardusts to power up their Pokemon. But evolving Pokemon requires more rare candies.
  • If the Pokemon you choose has more than one form of evolution, you should collect enough materials, such as rare candies to get all those evolutionary forms.
How To Evolve Pokemon
To evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go, players select the Pokemon and tap on the Evolve button.

As rare candies are harder to obtain than normal ones, you should use these candies wisely. It's highly recommended that you should evolve the strongest Pokemon in your collection. Then, you will get the strongest evolutionary forms to win every battle.

How Many Rare Candies Do You Need To Evolve Pokemon?

The required number of rare candies for Pokemon evolution varies. Some Pokemon creatures need 10 or 12 candies while many other Pokemon may require 100 candies. You can also use rare candies to evolve and feed all species of Pokemon but it's better to use rare candies for rare Pokemon, such as Porygon and Lapras.

Porygon Evolution
You need to use 25 candies to evolve Porygon to get the second form called Porygon2.

You will need more rare candies in the second stage and above. For example, Pokemon trainers need to use 25 candies to evolve Porygon to get the second form called Porygon2. But players need 100 candies to evolve Porygon2 to get Porygon-Z.

Which Pokemon Should You Use Rare Pokemon For?

It's highly recommended that you should use rare candies for attackers. They are among the most important Pokemon groups in this game. You should use your rare candies for these Pokemon to make your team stronger:

  • Tyaranitar
  • Rayquaza and/or Dragonite (or Salamence)
  • Machamp and/or Hariyama
  • Groudon
  • Moltres and/or Entei
  • Kyogre and/or Gyrados
  • Raikou and/or Zapdos
  • Golem
  • Mewtwo
  • Exeggutor
Pokemon Attacker Tier
You had better use rare candies to evolve, power up, or revive the best attackers and defenders.

Besides, you should also power up your best defenders, as these defender Pokemon are very useful in PvP battles. For example, Metagross, Gardevoir, Lapras, Chansey, and Blissey are among the defenders you should use rare candies for.

Those are all you need to know about rare candies as well as the completed guide on how to get rare candy in Pokemon Go. Let's use it wisely.

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