"Gotta Catch 'Em All" -  This is the goal of every Pokemon GO player out there, to catch and collect every Pokemon for your Pokédex. While some Pokemon will just appear out of nowhere no matter where you are, some are very rare to find such as Lapras, Snorlax, Porygon, Hitmonlee,...

Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon
Some Pokemons are harder to find in Pokemon GO.

There isn't an official list of how rare a Pokemon is. Pokemons also spawn at different rates in different areas. Based on the response and feedback of the community, we can kind of tell a certain number of Pokemon that are harder to find than others and Pokemon that can only be obtained through special means.

In this article, we will show you how to find Pokemon GO rare Pokemon.

1. Travel a lot

Walking in Pokemon GO is the most important activity of the game because it will let you encounter different kinds of Pokemon and catch them. Catching and finding Pokemon in Pokemon GO is mostly lucky-based. The simplest method for you to increase your chance of finding a Pokemon GO rare Pokemon is to walk a lot and play more.

How To Walk In Pokemon Go
You will encounter Pokemons in Pokemon GO while you are walking

Big public places such as landmarks, parks are generally where you can find strong Pokemon and have a higher Pokemon spawn rate. Also, you can find specific types of Pokemon near-certain environments. For example, you can find Water easier near a lake or river.

2. Increase Your Level As Much As Possible

Your level in Pokemon GO will increase your chance of encountering rare Pokemon. Almost everything you do in Pokemon GO will increase your level, from catching, evolving, hatching Pokémon, spinning PokéStops and Gyms, to battling and Friendship activities.

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Pokemon Go Level 40
You will get rare Pokemon more often when your level is high

You can buy Lucky Egg to double your XP while playing the game. You can get Lucky Egg by leveling up or buying in the shop with Poke coin. There are also events that will grant you double XP all days. If you use Lucky Egg during double XP events, you will get x4 XP.

The activity that will give you the most XP in Pokemon GO is raiding. You can get 10,000 XP per Legendary Raid.

3. Hatching eggs

Hatching eggs is one of the best ways for you to get your hands on rare Pokemon. You can get eggs in PokeStops around your area and you can have a maximum of 9 eggs at a time. In order to hatch an egg, you need an Incubator. You can get an unlimited use Incubator at the start of the game and several limited-use Incubators as you play the game.

Pokemon Eggs
Hating egg in Pokemon GO is one of the best ways to get rare Pokemon

All you need to do is put an egg in an Incubator and start walking. Each egg has a different walking distance to hatch. Note that a longer distance doesn't mean you will get rarer Pokemon. Here are the walking distances of some notable Pokemon you might want to take a look at.

  • Bulbasaur - 2km egg
  • Squirtle - 2km egg
  • Pikachu - 2km egg
  • Charmander - 2km egg
  • Ponyta - 5km egg
  • Porygon - 5km egg
  • Machop - 5km egg
  • Lickitung - 5km egg
  • Chansey - 10km egg
  • Omanyte - 10km egg
  • Dratini - 10km egg
  • Snorlax - 10km egg
  • Lapras - 10km egg
  • Kabuto - 10km egg
  • Aerodactyl - 10km egg

4. Raid Battles And Events

Raid Battles happen when a powerful Pokemon take over a Gym. This Pokemon will have an insanely high CP. Trainers will work together to defeat this Pokemon for rewards and a chance to catch it. An egg will appear on top of a gym one hour before it hatches. After it hatches, trainers have 45 minutes to defeat Raid Boss before it disappears.

Pokemon Go Raid Battles
You will see an egg on a gym when a Raid Battle is about to happen.

There are 4 tiers of Raid Boss - Tier 1 Raid Boss, Tier 3 Raid Boss, Tier 5 Raid Boss, and Mega Raid Boss.

You should also keep your eyes on time-limited Pokemon GO community days where they feature rare event-exclusive Pokemon.

5. Join a Pokemon GO community around your area

It is nice to have a Pokemon GO community so you can hang around with, share your experience, and more importantly, get to know the places of rare Pokemon so you can come there can catch it. Having friends to play Pokemon GO with will improve your playing experience by a lot.

Above are top 5 ways to find Pokemon GO rare Pokemon in 2021. Do come back to GuruGamer.com to update more tips for this mobile game!

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