Pokemon Go Cranidos is a favorite Rock-type Pokemon of many trainers. Here are all details and locations to catch this Pokemon. Besides, learn how to evolve it here.

1. About Cranidos in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Cranidos has high statistics in attacking skills and stamina. However, the defense statistic is pretty low which is only 71. Besides, this Pokemon is weak with Water, Steel, Fighting, Grass, and Ground moves. Besides, it's resistant to Poison, Fire, Normal, and Flying-type moves.

Pokemon Go Cranidos
Cranidos is a rare Rock-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go that has high ATK and Stamina statistics.

Cranidos is a non-legendary Pokemon of Generation 4. Its Base Flee Rate is only 10%. You can put it in a gym and transfer it. It costs you 75000 Stardusts in Pokemon Go and 75 Candies for the Second Charge move. Its Pokédex weighs 31.5 kg. Besides, it's 0.9 meters tall. Its Egg distance to hatch is 10 kilometers and buddy distance is 5 kilometers.

Pokemon Go Cranidos Rampardos
This powerful Gen-4 Pokemon is vulnerable to Water, Steel, Fighting, Grass, and Ground moves.

The chance to capture this Gen-4 Pokemon is 50%. Besides, its evolved form is Rampardos. Furthermore, you also need to level up this Pokemon to increase its max CP. For example, its max CP is 780 at level 15. When it reaches level 50, its max CP will reach up to 2,058.

Pokemon Go Cranidos Spawn Rate
The spawn rate of this Pokemon is higher during special events and Pokemon Go festivals.

Ancient Power and Zen Headbutt are the best moves for Cranidos in PVP battles and attacking Pokemon in Gyms. You should use this combination to cause the highest DPS in battles.

2. Cranidos Pokemon Go Evolution

After evolving Cranidos, you will get a better Pokemon with better statistics. You need 50 candies for the evolution to get Rampardos. Rampardos is also a Rock-type Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. Pokemon trainers cannot catch Rampardos in the wild. You need to evolve Pokemon Go Cranidos.

Pokemon Go Cranidos Evolution
After evolving Cranidos, you will get a better Pokemon called Rampardos with better statistics.

Its base statistics are also higher than the pre-evolution form Cranidos. Its attack and stamina statistics of this evolved form are pretty high. However, the defense ability of Rampardos is still low. Therefore, it's an ideal choice for the attacker role. To evolve a Cranidos to Rampardos, make sure that your Cranidos reach level 30.

3. Where to catch Cranidos Pokemon Go?

Players can find Pokemon Go Cranidos in the wild. You have more chance to catch it in hiking trails, nature reserves, and farms. Therefore, Pokemon trainers in rural and mountainous regions have more opportunities to catch Cranidos. You can spend a weekend visiting nature reserves or going hiking to catch this Gen-4 Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Cranidos Locations
You have more chance to catch it in hiking trails, nature reserves, and farms.

In addition, the spawning rate of Cranidos is higher during special events, such as Pokémon GO Community Day, Water Festival, and Halloween, etc. Therefore, you shouldn't miss these chances to catch Cranidos in your neighborhood. Besides, it appears more in partially cloudy weather. You can encounter more Cranidos when go hunting Pokemon in that weather.

Natural Reverses
You can spend a weekend visiting nature reserves to catch Cranidos and many other rare Pokemons.

In short, you can go to farms and natural reverses in your town to find and catch this Pokemon. The chance to catch a male Cranidos is 87.5% male.

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4. How to level up Cranidos in Pokemon Go?

Keep in mind that the required level of Cranidos evolution is 30. Therefore, you should level up your Pokemon to this level to evolve it. Here are some basic ways to level up Cranidos in Pokemon Go. You can also use these methods to level up other Pokemon in your collection.

Catch Pokemon Go Cranidos
Earn more XP to level up Cranidos and other Pokemon in your collection by different methods and tips.

#1. Level Up Cranidos In Battles

The first and foremost way to level up Pokemon in this game is by joining battles. Practice makes perfect. You need to use this Rock Pokemon more in PvP battles or at gyms to earn XP. When you defeat a Pokemon at Gym, you will get 100 - 300 XP. Besides, you are granted 100 - 1000 XP for defeating a Gym.

Pokemon Go Gym Fight
Defeat a Gym to get 100 - 1000 XP or defeat a Pokemon at a gym to earn 100 - 300 XP.

#2. Catch Cranidos With Excellent Throw

Besides, you need to catch this Pokemon with an excellent throw to get the highest amount of XP. In specific, you will get only 10 -20 XP when catching it with a nice throw. But if you catch this Pokemon with an excellent throw, you get up to 100 - 1000 XP. Besides, you can get 50 - 100 XP when catching Cranidos with a Great Throw.

Excellent Throws Pokemon Lets Go
Catch this Pokemon with an excellent throw to get the highest amount of XP.

#3. Spin a PokéStop

Another method to earn more XP in Pokemon Go to level up Pokemon is by spinning a PokeStop. Pokemon trainers can get 500 - 1,500 XP for spinning a PokeStop or catch a Pokemon for the first time in a day. Besides, later spinning from the second spinning rewards players 50 - 100 XP per time.

Spin A Pokestop
Spin a Pokestop every day to earn more XP in Pokemon Go to level up Pokemon in this game.

#4. Hatching Eggs

The farther the egg you can hatch, the more XP you can earn. In specific, trainers will get 200 - 500 XP when hatching a 2-kilometer egg. It grants you 500 - 1000 XP when hatching a 5-kilometer egg. Besides, the XP you get for hatching a 10-kilometer egg is 1,000 - 2,000 XP. Moreover, Pokemon Go players will earn 2,000 - 4,000 XP for hatching a strange egg. Additionally, players will get 500 - 1,000 XP for unlocking a new Pokédex entry.

Those are things you need to know about Pokemon Go Cranidos. Let's try to catch this rare Pokemon in the wild. Then, earn more XP, level up fast, and evolve this Pokemon.

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