Pokemon Go has a lot of Pokemons of different types. The grass type is often underrated in this game but many Grass-type Pokemons are really powerful. Here are the best Grass-type Pokemons in Pokemon GO.

About Grass-type Pokemons

Grass-type Pokemon are among the most popular Pokemons in Pokemon GO. It's one of three Pokemon types for starters in this game. Moreover, there are hundreds of Pokemons of this type. Though it's not a rare type, Grass Pokemon is considered among the best Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

Grass Type Pokemons
There are hundreds of Pokemons of the grass type.

Although they are often underrated, many Grass-type Pokemons are very strong and competitive in the battle against Pokemons of three types: Rock, Water, and Ground. However, they are not very effective and powerful when competing against Pokemons of six types: Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Steel, and Poison.

Grass Pokemons Are Cute
Grass Pokemons are very cute and effective.

There are two types of grass Pokemons, including pure grass Pokemons and half grass Pokemons. From generation I to III, these Pokemons are immune to Leech Seed. Since generation IV, they are can defend themselves from spore and powder moves.

Top 10 Strongest Grass-type Pokemons

Here are the 10 best Grass-type Pokemons in Pokemon GO that you should try to get.

#1. Kartana

This powerful grass-type Pokemon is also known as one of the Ultra Beasts. Its astronomical 181 Attack make Kartana become the best non-mega Pokemon.

Kartana Pokemon Go
Kartana is the best grass Pokemon with a super high attack point.

Moreover, the insane 109 Speed and 131 Defense still make it the best Pokemon of grass type despite its low 31 Special Defense and 59 HP. You can use Kartana to defeat some Fairy, Psychic, and Dragon-type Pokemon.

#2. Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn also has super high statistics, such as 131 Defense and 113 Special Defense. It's much higher than Pokemons in the Ultra Beast group. Besides, Ferrothorn is immune to Poison-type creatures.

Ferrothorn Pokemon Go
Ferrothorn also has super high statistics.

Ferrothorn is resistant against strong-type Pokemons, including Fairy, Psychic, Dragon, Steel, Rock, Water, Electro, and Normal. However, its weak point is the limited speed.

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#3. Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu is another powerful Grass-type Pokemon with 115 Defense and 130 Attack points. Moreover, this 'lazy' Pokemon is effective for healing with many recovery options, such as Grassy Surge and Horn Leech. It's a useful teammate in your team.

Pokemon Go Tapu Bulu
Tapu Bulu is a very useful and effective ally.

#4. Rillaboom

It's one of the best Grass-type Pokemon Sword & Shield creatures. It has a hidden ability of Grassy Surge that helps restore HP and boost the power of Grass-type lineup by 50%.

Rillaboom Tanker Role
Rillaboom is one of the best choices for the tanker role in this game.

For example, the power can reach 120 when you combine Rillaboom with Grassy Glide or Wood Hammer. This Pokemon is really a beast on the battleground, especially when competing against Pokemons of three types: Water, Rock, and Ground.

#5. Venusaur

Venusaur is the evolved form of the iconic Gen 1 Pokemon for starters - Bulbasaur. Therefore, this grass-type Pokemon has good CP that makes it one of the best Pokemons of grass type in this game.

Venusaur Pokemon Go
Venusaur is the evolved form of Bulbasaur.

Although Venusaur does not have any outstanding statistics, this grass Pokemon is still powerful and balanced. Moreover, the high-generation Venusaur has boosted power.

#6. Zarude

Zarude is one of the best Grass-type Pokemon competitive choices. It has an insane total base stats of 600, including 120 Attack points, 105 HP, 105 Defense, and 105 Speed. It makes this Pokemon very powerful.

Pokemon Sword Shield Zarude Feature
The Zarude is one of the best Grass-type Pokemon for competitions.

Zarude can strike against many strong Pokemons. This Pokemon can restore players and allies' HP with an exclusive Jungle Healing move. However, Zarude is weak when fighting against opponents of some best types, such as Fairy, Ice, Fire, Fighting, Flying, Bug, and Poison.

#7. Shaymin

This grass-type Pokemon has an adorable appearance. You can find it in either Sky or Ground Forme. It has a white body and green fur on its back, head, and legs.

Shaymin Pokemon Go
Shaymin has an adorable appearance.

This cute Pokemon is also one of the best choices for the battle with a total base stats of 600. It's also the most balanced creature with 100 points given to every feature, such as Attack, Defense, Speed, HP, etc.

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#8. Roserade

Roserade has a pretty low HP of 60 but it has a great healing ability. In addition, its Attack stats and Defense ability are high.

Roserade Pokemon Go
Roserade has a great healing ability and a lovely look.

Moreover, this Pokemon does not have any weakness for the opponents to exploit. Therefore, it's pretty hard to defeat. Thus, you can use Roserade in the tanker role. More importantly, it can quickly finish the opponents with its Poison Point skill.

#9. Sceptile

Sceptile has an extremely cool appearance with green skin and a bush-shaped tail. Its insane speed of 120 makes this grass-type Pokemon be one of the fastest creatures in this game.

Sceptile Pokemon Go
Sceptile has an extremely cool appearance with green skin.

Despite the lack of bulk, Sceptile is still very effective in battle. Moreover, it's among the best Mega Evolutions with a powerful Attack of 110 and a Special Attack of 145.

#10. Tangrowth

Although its appearance is pretty creepy, Tangrowth is still one of the best Grass-type Pokemons in this game. All the stats of this creature are pretty balanced with 110 Special ATK, 125 Defense, 100 HP, and 100 ATK.

Tangrowth Pokemon Go
All the stats of Tangrowth are pretty balanced.

Chlorophyll is one of the best skills of this Pokemon that doubles the speed to make Tangrowth faster.

Reasons To Use Grass-Type Pokemons

Grass-type Pokemons are the best choice for starters in this game. There are many reasons to capture and use these Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

  • First of all, they are very adorable. Most of the grass Pokemons look very cute, such as Shaymin, Bulbasaur, Treecko, Snivy, etc.
Grass Type In Pokemon Go
Grass Pokemons are very adorable.
  • Grass Pokemon are loyal. They will never betray you like Charizard and Charmeleon.
  • Many grass Pokemons are so intelligent that they can learn the attacks of Poison Pokemons.
Pokemon Go Grass Type
They are also intelligent and loyal.
  • Most of the grass Pokemons have healing skill that is very essential. Besides, their Defense ability is also good.
  • Most Pokemons of the grass type have few weaknesses. Therefore, opponents can hardly exploit these weak points to defeat them

Those are all about the best Grass-type Pokemons in Pokemon GO. These Pokemons are very cute, effective, and powerful. So, let's try to catch them.

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