The interesting game Pokemon GO brings you to the fantastic Pokemon world with lots of lovely creatures, including Spritzee. You can become a professional Pokemon trainer and catch your favorite Pokemon. Check out this guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO.

About Spritzee in Pokemon GO

Spritzee is a lovely Pokemon of the Fairy type. This Pokemon is vulnerable to poison and steel. In contrast, Spritzee is resistant to Bug, Dark, Dragon, and Fighting. This strong Pokemon with a maximum CP of 1415, 113 defense, 186 stamina, and 110 Attack.

Spritzee In Pokemon Go
Spritzee is a lovely Pokemon of the Fairy type in Gen 6 that has made its debut in this game recently.

Spritzee in Pokemon Go will evolve to Aromatisse. Moreover, this Fairy-type Pokemon is a healing Pokemon with Healer ability. In addition, it has the hidden ability of Aroma Veil. It's pretty easy to differentiate this Pokemon because of its unique appearance.

Pokemon Go Spritzee
Spritzee has a lovely appearance with pink skin and a lovely pair of big eyes.

Spritzee has sweet pink skin and a lovely pair of big eyes. Besides, this Fairy-type Pokemon has a pair of small pink wings on its back. The big white beak on the small face makes it look very cute. Moreover, it's more unique with a big pink top tuft on the head. Spritzee also has a pair of two small pink legs.

Spritzee In Anime
Spritzee is one of the most favorite Pokemons in both the anime version and the Pokemon GO game.

How do I evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO?

To evolve a Spritzee in Pokemon Go, you have to prepare 50 Spritzee Candies and an Incense. Then, you need to select a Spritzee to be your buddy Pokemon before popping the Incense and let Spritzee evolve itself.

Below are the details of the Spritzee evolution process and the reason why you should evolve it.

You will obtain an Aromatisse by upgrading Spritzee.

How to evolve Spritzee

Pokemon trainers need to use 50 Spritzee Candies for the Spritzee evolution. Moreover, you also need to 'adventure together to evolve'. It's very easy to evolve a Spritzee Pokemon in this game. Moreover, you can swap it up to 20 times per day.

  • Prepare all necessary materials, including an Incense and 50 Spritzee Candy.
  • Select Spritzee to be your Buddy Pokémon.
  • Pop the Insense to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO.
  • Wait for the Spritzee Pokemon to evolve.
Pokemon Go Insense
You need an Insense and 50 Spritzee Candies to upgrade Spritzee.

Then, you will have an evolved Pokemon in your Pokemon collection. Keep in mind that you need an Insense for each Spritzee. If you want to evolve two Spritzee Pokemons, you need two Insenses. An Insense won't count for more than one Pokemon.

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What happens after Spritzee evolves

The evolved version of Spritzee also has a layer of pink feathers. However, its skin under the feather turns into purple color. It changed in both appearance and stats. But its weakness and resistances stay the same. For example, it's still weak with Steel and Poison.

Evolve Spritzee Into Aromatisse
Aromatisse has better stats than Spritzee.

In specific, Aromatisse is bigger. It looks cool and more powerful with a totally new appearance. Although it still has a pair of lovely eyes, Aromatisse has a pair of horns. It's the evolved version of the pink top tuft of Spritzee, so it still has a lovely pink color.

Aromatisse Pokemon Go
Aromatisse looks cool and more powerful with a totally new appearance.

In addition, the two cute wings of Spritzee turn into two small arms. They look like baby's arms. Its two small legs also evolve. Other stats of this Pokemon are also upgraded. In specific, it has a max CP of 2647, 173 Attacks, 150 Defense, and 226 Stamina.

Why need to evolve Spritzee

As introduced, this lovely Perfume Pokemon will evolve to become an Aromatisse. Many players asked whether they could catch Aromatisse in the wild. The answer is obviously: No.

This evolved version of Spritzee, Aromatisse, does not spawn in the wild. Therefore, the only way to obtain this strong Pokemon is by evolving Spritzee. Although the type and many features of this upgraded version stay the same as the pre-evolved version, its stats increase a lot.

Spritzee Evolve
You need to evolve Spritzee because Aromatisse does not spawn in the wild

How to catch Spritzee in Pokemon GO?

Make sure you get a Spritzee before knowing how to evolve a Spritzee in Pokemon GO. In case you haven't had one, here's how to catch it.

You can catch Spritzee in the wild. The chance to catch this Pokemon is not low. This Fairy-type Pokemon often appears in many Pokemon GO's events, such as Pokemon Go Catch Challenge. During that event, there are 500 Spritzee for Pokemon trainers to catch. Moreover, there are some ways to find and catch this Fairy-type Pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon Go Fest
The spawn rate of Pokemons increases during promotional events.

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#1. Niantic's Promotion Event Task Completion

The spawn rate of Spritzee Pokemon increase during Niantic's promotion event. You need to complete Timed Research goals to get the reward of Spritzee encounter. The Traditional Field Research also rewards players with Spritzee when you complete this research event. Try to complete those research tasks to get this Perfume Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Wild Spritzee
Pokemon trainers can catch wild Spritzee.

#2. Find Spritzee in Pokémon Shield

There are many locations of Pokémon Shield where you can find Spritzee, including Route 5, the Glimwood Tangle, Stony Wilderness, and Giant's Mirror. Pokemon trainers can have more chances to catch this Fairy Pokemon in the Lake of Outrage during the Max Raid Battles. The spawn rate of this Fairy Pokemon is also increased during special events, such as the Luminous Legends X Timed Research event.

Luminous Legends X
You also have more chances to obtain more Gen-6 Pokemons during the Luminous Legends X event.

#3. Catch Spritzee in Pokémon Shield

You can make use of its weak points to catch this Pokemon easily. For example, Poke hunters can use Poison and Steel-type Pokemon to catch Spritzee. Don't use Dragon-type Pokémon to fight Spritzee to catch it. Instead, you can use Hydreigon or Goodra. This Gen-6 Pokemon is boosted by the Cloudy weather. Moreover, it best moves Thunderbolt and Charm.

Pokemon Shield
There are many ways to catch Spritzee in the wild.

Those are things you need to know about Spritzee and a detailed guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO. If you haven't got a Spritzee, go out and catch one for you.

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