Although Free Fire is free to download and play, it’s always better to have some diamonds, the in-game currency, as it will make your game more interesting. With diamonds, you cannot only purchase gun skins and special features to make the battles easier but also get bundles, emotes, and many other items to show off your styles. Today, we will introduce you to how to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire in legit ways. Keep scrolling down for detailed instructions.

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Instead of spending Rs 800 for 1000 diamonds, is there any other way to get the same amount at a cheaper price?

How To Get 1000 Diamonds In 2020

In fact, there are serval ways to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire. Some methods require real cash while other need a little touch of fortune. However, there are also methods every player can apply. Keep scrolling down to see the pros and cons of all methods.

Top-up to get 1000 diamonds bonus

This is the most common method to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire. You can purchase it directly from the Google Play Store or other trusted top-up platforms like Coda Shop, Games Kharido, or SEAGM. At the moment, 1080 diamonds are being sold at Rs 800 on the in-game store while other top-up websites may offer a cheaper price.

While the price of diamonds is costly to many players, you can purchase the membership to get lucrative offers when topping up diamonds. In addition to that, there is also some top-up event which helps you to get up to 1000 diamonds bonus.

In fact, Free Fire frequently rolls out top-up events from which players can get a 100% diamond top-up bonus. Otherwise, you can also visit the official top-up website of Garena as Game Kharido to get the same deal for the first top-up.

Top Up Bonus Free Fire
Diamond top-up is the easiest way to get 1000 diamonds but there are also many other ways to get them all free

Take part in Free Fire events

If you’re not a rich player who is willing to spend rs 800 for 1000 diamonds, why not try your luck on Free Fire diamonds events to get more than you can expect. The battle royale game which is popular for various events also has diamond events from which you can do missions or purchase spins and try your luck to get 1000 diamonds and more.

In fact, Free Fire Diamond Spin event was carried out last week and the grand reward is up to 10000 diamonds. However, the chance of winning the grand rewards is not equal for everyone.

Free Fire Diamond Spin Event How To Get 10000 Diam

Get redeem codes

In case you’re neither a rich or lucky player, there are still many methods of how to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without top-up. Another trick is trying to grab a diamond redeem code. These codes can be found on the social media fan page of Garena, on live stream videos, or any trusted media sources. The challenging part is these codes are limited and once you get one, go to the official redemption site to claim free diamonds as soon as possible.

Report bugs

Reporting bugs in the Advance Server is also a popular method of getting 1000 diamonds in Free Fire for free. According to Garena, you will get a 1000 diamond bonus for a single bug report while the highest reward 30000 diamonds can be given to the one who detects the most number of bugs.

If bug detection is your fort, go ahead and sign up to get the next Free Fire Advance Server soon. Find out more details: How To Open Free Fire Advance Server And Win Up To 3000 Diamonds?

Do surveys and play games to get Google Play Gift Card

Apart from the above methods, there are also some credited apps that can help you to earn free diamonds although the number of diamonds you get is not as big as 1000. Earlier, we introduced survey apps like Google Opinion Rewards or Swagbuck. You can earn extra money just by doing surveys. In addition to that, there are also apps that give away Google Play Gift Card for players to watch ads, videos, play games, or invite friends.

How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire daily

While many sources claim to show you the tricks of how to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire daily. Please be aware of it as many of the so-called ‘tricks’ turn out to be scams. There is no such legit method that can give you 1000 diamonds every day for doing nothing. Only hard work pays off. Do not get involved in illegal tricks as you can be banned by Garena for violating their regulations.

Above is how to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire in a legit way. Apart from this article, visit our website for more helpful tips and tricks to get more diamonds from the game.

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