When it comes to Diwali festival events, Free Fire is always very generous toward players with many free rewards, skins, bundles. In the latest 2 Free Fire Diwali events, players are going to being to get various skins and the Desi Gangster bundle just by doing very simple tasks. In this article, we will show you how these 2 new Free Fire Diwali events work and how to get the items.

Rang De Rangoli Event
Check out the new Free Fire Diwali events to get free Legendary gun skins and bundles.

Pick Own Diwali Hampers event

Event duration: October 27 to November 7

In this event, you will see a part with different rewards. The rewards of Day 1, Day 2, Day 4, Day 6 are fixed. These prizes include the Legendary AWM Lucky Koi skin and the M14 Egg Hunter skin.

You have to choose the rewards you want for Day 3, Day 5, dan Day 7. After you have chosen your rewards for those days and tap Confirm, you can start claiming rewards based on the days you login to Free Fire.

To get all of these rewards, you only need to log in to Free Fire for a total of 7 days.

Pick Your Diwali Hampers Free Fire
Choose the rewards you want to get and log in to Free Fire every day to claim them.

Range De Rangoli event

Event duration: October 27 to November 7

In this event, you will be shown 5 Rangoli patterns. Choose 1 Rangoli pattern you like to complete it. For every 5 kills, you get one paintbrush to color the Rangoli pattern. You can claim the Desi Gangster bundle when you fully colored it.

Rang De Rangoli Event
Choose a pattern to color in the event

Once you complete a Rangoli pattern, you can freely move on to color other Rangoli patterns as you like.

Rang De Rangoli Event 1
Completing coloring the pattern to get the Desi Gangster bundle.

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