Garena has just revealed a brand new tournament to celebrate Diwali: Free Fire Diwali Dhamaka, exclusive on BOOYAH! in collaboration with Critical X. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about this tournament, including schedule, format, and how to get free items.

1 - Schedule and format of Free Fire Diwali Dhamaka

From 1 November to 3 November, 24 Free Fire esports teams will battle it out to win from a prize pool of $2000. Overall, this is a fun-oriented tournament, with prizes much smaller than the usual Free Fire esports events. Players can watch the stream from Nov 1 to Nov 3, at 11.30 am IST. This is very similar to the Diwali All-stars that started 2 days earlier.

diwali free fire
This same tournament was held during Diwali last year.

Despite being a semi-pro tournament, Diwali Dhamaka will feature some of the most popular Free Fire teams on BOOYAH!. The biggest names include Total Gaming, Team Elite, Desi Gamers, PVS gaming, and more.

Each team will have 4 players - 1 streamer and 3 teammates. The team with the most points will be the winner for each day. Furthermore, the play map will be chosen randomly between Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.

2 - How to get free items from the event?

Viewers who tune in and watch the broadcast for at least 30 minutes to an hour will get a small chance to win amazing drops. The roster includes Free Fire emotes, jerseys, and multiple types of crates. Note: Players need to watch on BOOYAH! to get the rewards.

This is probably the newest attempt from Garena to boost up its BOOYAH! streaming platform, an app designed for Free Fire and mobile streaming.

Drop list
The various prizes viewers can get from the upcoming Diwali Dhamaka event.

Players can download and use BOOYAH! app from the following locations:

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