Skins, costumes, and emotes are the way Tencent makes money from PUBG Mobile – they constantly release new amazing costumes to temp players into buying. Most of these items can be purchased using UC, however, not everyone has the money to buy them.

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The three event rewards

At least, events like “Tactical Drill” that gives players a permanent item upon completion are released pretty frequently. You have to be fast, however, as this event only lasts for a few days. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Tactical Drill event.

1 - How does this event work?

Firstly, you would be provided with the option to pick 1 item out of 3. Upon selection, that item would be made available to you until the end of the event. You would need to keep your “Tactical Point” meter above zero – if it is depleted, the item would be taken away. Points would be deduced if you do not log into the game every day.

The various quests of the event

You can discard an item after 3 days – all your accumulated points would be lost if that happen.

2 - How to turn those items permanent?

Each item starts with 9 points. Your task is to complete the various dailies and weekly quests to get more Tactical Points. You will receive the selected item permanently after your accumulated points reach the maximum for that item. If you fail, the points would be converted into time-limit for the item.

Choose your target carefully

The points requirements for each item are different. For example, to get the Rookie Pirate Set permanently, you would need 100 tactical points, 120 points for the Neon Pink UMP45 and 80 points for the Bowknow Parachute. You have more than enough time to get all three items, as the event would last for 1 month, until August 31.

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