Garena always manages to keep the Event tab in Free Fire MAX full of all kinds of different events for players to enjoy. These events offer players new and exciting rewards for free and all they have to do is complete a few missions.

As a new Clash Squad season just started, they released an event called 'Booyah and Rank Up Now'. In this event, players need to win a number of ranked games to get a parachute skin and a grenade skin for free. Let's check out the details below.

Free Fire Event
Get free skins in the latest Free Fire MAX events.

Free Fire MAX Booyah and Rank Up Now event

Event duration: 22 September to 28 September

During the event, players need to complete event missions in order to get free rewards. Here are the details of the missions:

  • Booyah 5 times in CS-Ranked matches - Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Booyah 10 times in CS-Ranked matches - Nutty Quirk Parachute skin
  • Booyah 5 times in BR-Ranked matches - Graffiti Food Truck skin
  • Booyah 10 times in BR-Ranked matches - Grenade – Pigment Splash skin

In short, players need to win 10 matches each in Clash Squad Ranked and Battle Royale Ranked matches to get all the rewards from the event. The missions are not hard to complete. But if you find them difficult, you can check out some Free Fire tips to get Booyah. If you have friends, definitely invite them to play with you so you all can complete the missions together more easily.

Free Fire Event 1
Claim the rewards in the Event section when you have completed the missions.

After you have completed the mission, you can head to the Event section and claim the rewards from the Booyah and Rank Up Now event. Follow Gurugamer for the latest news annd get momre free rewards in Free Fire MAX.

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