Free Fire's loadout system is pretty important - the extra item would give players a lot of advantages when the game start. However, equip an item in loadout would consume a charge of the item, and once used out, they would disappear. The Unlimited Playcard is here to solve that problem.

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Various Unlimited Playcards in Free Fire

In this article, we would list out various different ways that you could use to obtain an Unlimited Playcard.

1 - What are Unlimited Playcards?

Playcards are time-limited items that provide an unlimited number of uses for their designated loadout equipment. If you have one of them active, your loadout item usage would be free and no items would be consumed at all. These playcards are timed items and would disappear after a certain amount of time has passed.

Free Fire loadout
The in-game loadout is very important

The playcards stacks - any newly obtained playcard would extend the duration for the one currently active, as long as they are for the same item. After the playcards run out, loadout usage would consume items like normal (if you start the game before the card runs out but the game end afterward, no item would be consumed).

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2 - How to get Unlimited Playcards?

Out of 8 loadout items in Free Fire, only 5 are eligible for unlimited playcards: Bonfire, Resupply map, Bounty Token, Scan and Summon Airdrop. This is probably for the best, as Armor Crate, Supply Crate and Leg Pouches are not nearly as popular.

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Exchange FF token

You can get unlimited playcards for free by:

  • Redeem FF tokens
  • Special drops after a match
  • Level up characters
  • Luck Royales

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