One of the most enjoyable experiences in the stunning world of Genshin Impact is gliding. You will have a beautiful view from the air when gliding with the wind in this world. Besides, you need to master the gliding skills to collect many flying items or complete some missions. Check out this guide on how to glide upwards in Genshin Impact and how to increase your gliding speed as well.

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide Xingqiu Gliding
Gliding is an enjoyable and interesting activity in Genshin Impact.

I. How To Glide Upwards In Genshin Impact

To glide upwards in Genshin Impact, you need to use the upwards wind current and Anemo rings. To fly upwards, you need to stand in the area of the wind current. Then, press the jump button to fly. The wings of your character will be opened automatically to push him/her up to the sky.

There are many natural wind current areas around the map of Teyvat. You can find these Upcurrents at many fixed locations in Mondstadt and Liyue now.

Check out some spots where you can find the wind currents in Teyvat here and see how to fly upwards in Genshin Impact here.

  • Stormterror's Lair: You can find many Upcurrents around this location.
  • Huaguang Stone Forest and Minlin in Liyue also have a lot of upwards wind currents.
  • You can find a small but high wind current at the south of Vennessa's tree at Windrise. It helps you fly up and climb to the high mountain cliff in this area. Sometimes, you can find some Pudgy Pyrotechnicians around this location. You can use this Upcurrent to glide up and use the plunged attack.
  • There is a tall current of winds in the southeastern part of the Falcon Coast with some Anemo rings that boost your character higher to the sky.
  • There is another Upcurrent leading to Wormhole at Cape Oath. That current is tall. You only need to stand inside the wind current and press the Jump button.
Wind Current To Chingyun
Use the wind current or create temporary current to glide to Chingyun floating island.

You can also create temporary wind currents by Wind Catcher. To craft this gadget, you need to collect 10 Hurricane Seeds, 30 Windwheel Aster flowers in Mondstadt, 50 Crystal Chunks, and 50,000 Mora. But the wind current only lasts for 9 seconds, so you had better visit the natural wind current locations to perform gliding in Genshin.

II. How To Glide In Genshin Impact

It's very easy to glide in Genshin Impact. You can use the wing to glide in the air from a high place to lower places without wind currents.

You only have to go to a high place. Then, press the Jump button to open the wing and fly in the air. There are some better characters for gliding in Genshin Impact who consume less stamina.

  • Amber has Gliding Champion passive talent that decreases the stamina consumption when gliding for her allies by 20%
  • Venti's Windrider passive talent has the same effect as Amber's Gliding Champion passive talent.
  • Kaedehara Kazuha's Oozora Genpou talent lets him regenerate 2 Energy per second when gliding.

You should use these characters to glide farther in this game. Keep in mind that gliding in Genshin Impact consumes your stamina. Make sure you are close to the ground when your stamina is low or you may take damage from falls.

Amber Gliding
Use Amber to consume less stamina while gliding.

III. How To Glide Faster In Genshin Impact

Apart from upwards Anemo rings, Genshin Impact also has many rows of Anemo rings that lie on a line. These Anemo rings let you glide faster without consuming more stamina. You can find these wind rings in some gliding challenges in Mondstadt and Liyue that require players to fly and reach the finish points in a given period of time.

To use Anemo rings to glide faster, you have to adjust the wing to glide through or touch these rings to increase the gliding speed.

Wind Rings
You need to use the wind rings to glide faster in Genshin Impact.

IV. Gliding Rules In Genshin Impact

There are some rules you need to follow when gliding in Genshin Impact.

  • Keep an eye on the character's stamina. If your character's stamina is too low, reduce the altitude to land safely.
  • Using wind currents is the only answer to the question of how to glide upwards in Genshin Impact. You cannot reach the Anemo ring from the ground without Upcurrents.
  • To reduce the altitude while gliding, you need to tap on the Jump button again to close the character's wings. When your character is close to the ground, tap on the Jump button again to open the wing and land safely.
Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge
Master gliding skills to complete gliding challenges quickly.
  • You need to leave the wind currents to land because if you open the wing inside the Upcurrent, it continues to push you upwards. You need to get close to the ground to land without taking damage.
  • Genshin Impact players cannot use weapons and fight while gliding. If you touch the attack button, it will drop your character in the plunged attack. Don't do it if you are too high in the air or you may take damage from falls.

Those are all tips on how to glide upwards in Genshin Impact as well as rules to glide and land safely. You will have the most enjoyable experience in the air.

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