Genshin Impact has a super stunning game world with a lot of beautiful landscapes. Besides, characters are also designed beautifully, so you can take screenshot pictures to use them as wallpapers. Check out this full guide to Genshin Impact screenshot folder location, how to save photos and the best screenshot pictures of the game here.

Take Screenshots
Take beautiful screenshots and save them on your devices for wallpapers.

I. Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder Android & iOS

You can save Genshin Impact screenshot images for many purposes. For example, if you work as a gaming YouTuber or make videos to publish on social networks, you can use a beautiful screenshot picture as the thumbnail. Or else, Genshin Impact fans can use these pictures to set as the wallpaper for your smartphone. Here is the guide on how to take and save the screenshot pictures from Genshin Impact.

1. How To Save Pictures From Genshin Impact?

There are two main ways to take screenshot pictures in Genshin Impact, including the phone's functional button and in-game camera.

  • Using phone buttons on Android

Android smartphone users can hold both Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously to take the screenshot picture. Alternatively, Android users can hold the Power button for a few seconds and tap the Screenshot button when it appears.

Kamera Genshin
Equip the Kamera or Special Kamera to use in the game.
  • Using phone buttons on iOS

iPhone users need to hold both Power and Volume up buttons simultaneously to take the screenshot picture. Alternatively, you hold both the Home button and the Power button. In addition, iPhone also has Assistive Touch that lets users take a quick screenshot photo.

Equip The Kamera
Tap on the Kamera button before the HP bar of the character.
  • Using the in-game Kamera

Kamera is a special gadget that allows players to take pictures anywhere. This gadget has no cooldown time. Players need to complete the Snapshots World Quest to get Kamera and complete the Perfect Shot World Quest to obtain the Special Kamera.

Go to the inventory and choose to equip Kamera or Special Kamera to use. You can adjust the view of the Kamera up or down and left or right. After taking pictures, you tap on the save button to save them on your phone.

Take Screenshot
Take a screenshot and tap on the Save button to save the screenshot.

2. Genshin Impact Folder Location On Mobile

On smartphones regardless of Android or iOS, Genshin Impact screenshot folder location will be placed in the photo folder.

If you take screenshot pictures by in-game Kamera, you won't see functional buttons in the game like when you take screenshot pictures by phone buttons. Therefore, Kamera is used more often to take screenshot photos for wallpapers, especially landscape pictures. A lot of fans and game lovers in Genshin Impact have thousands of screenshot pictures on their smartphones.

Take Genshin Impact Screenshots
You can take screenshots of landscapes, characters, and memorable moments in the game.

II. Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder PC

Genshin Impact PC players can take screenshots by using the function buttons, tools, and Genshin Impact Kamera or Special Kamera. Kamera originated from Fontaine, an unlocked nation in Teyvat. Check this guide on how to take and save screenshot pictures of Genshin Impact on PC here.

1. Genshin Impact Screenshot Button

You can take screenshot pictures on the PC/laptop in two ways: function keys or Kamera. They are not very different from taking screenshots on smartphones.

  • You can click the Prt Scn button to take screenshot pictures on your PC or laptop. It also depends on your hotkey settings.
  • Click on the Kamera and adjust the angle to take pictures.
Genshin Impact Xinqiu
Share stunning screenshot pictures on HoYoLab.

2. Genshin Screenshot Folder Locations On PC

On PC or laptop, your Genshin screenshot pictures will be saved in the pictures folder or download folder. It depends on your settings.

Sometimes, you may have some issues with your Genshin Impact screenshot folder, such as the screenshot folder missing or screenshots not saving. Then, you need to check out the PC disks or download settings for any abnormal setting or warning.

III. Best Screenshot Pictures In Genshin Impact

There are billions of screenshot pictures from Genshin Impact on the internet and social networks. You can join Genshin Impact communities and share your screenshot folders.

miHoYo also organizes many events in which players share their best screenshots. The winners of those events can get a lot of luxurious rewards. Here are some stunning screenshot pictures from Genshin Impact that you can use to set as the wallpapers.

1. Mondstadt Screenshots

Mondstadt is the first city to unlock in Teyvat. It's the city of the Wind. Mondstadt is also the nation of Anemo.

Beautiful Village In Mondstadt
A beautiful village in Mondstadt.
Mondstadt City
Mondstadt city in the morning.
Favonious Cathedral
Favonious Cathedral in Mondstadt.

2. Liyue Screenshots

Liyue is the second nation to unlock in Genshin Impact. It's the nation of the Geo element. It's inspired by China.

Liyue Harbor View
A view of Liyue Harbor.
Wangshu Inn
Wangshu Inn in Liyue.
Genshin Impact Qingce Village
Qingce Village.

3. Inazuma Screenshots

Inazuma is the newest nation in Teyvat. It's the nation of Electro which is full of wars. But it still has a lot of stunning landscapes.

Inazuma City
Inazuma is inspired by Japan - the nation of Sakura.
Harbor In Inazuma
Harbor in Inazuma.
Firework Festival In Inazuma
Firework festival in Inazuma.

Those are all ways to save the best Genshin Impact screenshot folder on PC and mobile devices. Save your best screenshot pictures and share the best pictures of stunning landscapes in Teyvat or funny moments during the game.

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