Mist Gears is a new Japanese RPG made by Alim, the developer behind Brave Frontier, in collaboration with Shueisha Character Business Bureau and tri-Ace. First announced back in August, the game has finally come to both Android and iOS devices. However, right now it is available only in Japanese. Still, from what we have seen so far, Mist Gears looks really promising, and hopefully it will get a global version in the future.

Mist Gears Trailer

The story of the game begins on the “Day of Purgatory”, when a mysterious and deadly mist descends upon the world. People despair, as this is the worst natural disaster since the dawn of humanity. Monsters begin to appear everywhere, and it seems that Judgment Day is imminent. Yet still humans cling to a thin thread of life, for seventy years, until there is finally a ray of hope: The project Mist Gears, initiated by the Valks Kingdom in a desperate effort to save the world.

In term of gameplay, Mist Gears is described as an “environment RPG”, in which players will control a group of heroes to explore a mist-infested world. The mist shifts its properties constantly, and with it, the strength and form of the enemies will also change. This means you will always have to predict what is coming and prepare yourself for all the challenges. At times, you will also have to consider avoiding insurmountable threats. Furthermore, you can build several “bases” throughout your adventure. These bases have many functions: They can restore your HP, provide upgrades, allow you to fast-travel between bases, and more.

Explore the mist-covered world

The combat in Mist Gears is fully turn-based, with simple touch-and-swipe controls. The characters are armed with “Mist Gear” weapons and armor. These gears have the power to unleash the “Mist Cores” abilities - skills that make use of the power of the mist itself. From the trailer, it can be seen that you can create and fully customize your own character, from appearance to class and gears. The graphics are also solid, with all the cutesy character models rendered in full 3D.

Fully turn-based combat

As mentioned before, Mist Gears is currently only available in Japanese. However, if you are interested in this game and language is not a barrier for you, you can check it out on Google Play Store and App Store. More information is also available on Mist Gears’ official site, again, if you know Japanese.