Last Day On Earth: Survival is an interesting survivor sandbox game for iOS and Android. It's an amazing strategy game that you need good tactics and tips to play. Check these Last Day On Earth Survival tips and tricks here with

About Last Day On Earth Survival

This survival game requires players to use strategies to play and survive in this post-apocalyptic world. According to the game story, there will be a serious infection that destroys a large part of the human race. Therefore, very few humans left in that dead world. They have to survive and fight off zombies.

Last Day On Earth Survival
Collect resources to survive in Last Day On Earth Survival.

The dead bodies in that world change to dangerous zombies that can attack and kill humans. Players in the Last Day On Earth will have a character to control. They have to keep an eye on their blood and life status to keep the character alive. Besides, you also need to craft tools and weapons, create furniture, repair houses, and loot supplies to survive.

Building And Farming
Building And Farming Are Important To Live In This Dangerous World.

If you want to find a game to practice your survival skills, Last Day On Earth will be an interesting game for you. However, the control is not very good. For example, it's pretty hard to place walls on the ground when you build houses and shelters in this game. The graphics quality is not very excellent but it's good enough to experience this game on low and mid-end devices.

Last Day On Earth Survival Tips And Tricks

The gameplay and rule of Last Day On Earth Survival are pretty simple. Therefore, you can survive on this game when you master all the necessary skills in this game. However, beginners need to learn some tips and tricks to get on well with all actions in this game.

#1. Last Day On Earth Tips And Tricks To Start Playing

When you enter a server, you will be spawned on a small map. The first thing to do is looting stashes to get water, clothes, and a knife, rope, and metal. To play this game smoothly on low and mid-end devices, leave the graphic quality low at 60 fps. Remember to turn on the connection. Then, new players have to get familiar with all buttons and actions in the game.

Loot Things
The first thing to do is looting stashes to get important supplies.

All the action buttons with hands and weapons are placed on the bottom right corner of the phone screen. The crafting button is also placed on the bottom bar. You can check out your belongings when opening the bag. The minimap can be found on the top right corner of the phone screen. You can also check out the friend list on the top taskbar.

Learn All Buttons
Learn All Buttons In The Game.

There is also a chat box at the bottom taskbar so that you can communicate with other players on the same server. But you have to get to Sector 7 to make friends and co-operate with other players. Your in-game money, list of tasks, and survival guide are in the Inbox. Read the survival guide to know how to survive and get more powerful in that world.

Learn Basic Actions
Learn Basic Actions To Play This Game

The fastest way to rank up for beginners is farming. You need to rank up to unlock more blueprints that will help you survive better. For example, when you reach Skinner skill level1, you can unlock a basic backpack, a woodworking bench, and a shower. The higher level you reach, the more advanced equipment you can create. To level up fast, you should farm.

Craft Tools To Collect Mateirals And Mine Ores
Craft Tools To Collect Materials And Mine Ores

#2. Last Day On Earth Tips For Farming/Grinding

Beginners on the Last Day On Earth need to learn how to farm and grind materials to craft tools and build shelters. At the beginning of the game, you will be spawned in a small square plot of land. You can loot some pieces of wood and wood branches. Then, put on the clothes and equip the knife to kill roaming zombies on the map.

Build A Safe Shelter
You Need A Lot Of Materials To Build A Safe Shelter.

You can also loot supplies in the bodies of zombies after killing them. You can collect materials, craft tools, and repair houses. Wood branches are dropped on the ground. You cannot cut the tree without tools. Therefore, beginners can only collect wood from the ground. Then, you can start to live in that dangerous world.

You can also collect small stones around the house to craft tools. For example, you need wood and stone to craft hatchets and pickaxes to cut trees and mine ores. Moreover, you should go further to farm and looting more materials. Don't miss trashes because you can grind them to get metals to craft other necessities.

#3. Last Day On Earth Tips And Cheats For Ranking Up

Here are some must-know tips to rank up fast after you get familiar with the game. These tips will help you reach level 150 soon.

Rank Up To Play With Friends
Rank Up And Play With Friends
  • Use the companion skills to complete tasks faster and gain 15% extra EXP to level up.
  • Clear bunker ALFA regularly and you will get a lot of EXP and good loots.
  • Use the Brainweed seeds of the healer to double EXP you get.
Use Companion
Use The Skills Of Companion When Doing Tasks To Get More EXP.
  • Clearing crooked farm is also a good way to boost your EXP.
  • You can get more EXP when clearing the police station regularly.
  • Killing the bosses is always one of the most effective ways to level up in survival games.
  • Farm in the green zones and reg yellow.
  • Join the Oak events regularly.
  • The Rest Stop event and Airdrop event are also good ways to collect more EXP.
  • You should kill the witch and the blind one regularly.

Those are the best tips to start to play and level up quickly in Last Day On Earth Survival. To update other Last Day On Earth Survival tips and tricks, let's visit our website.