Free Fire is a fairly polished game and is optimized for low tier device - players would rarely encounter bugs and glitches. However, "Rare" is not "Never" and sometimes you might encounter some pretty annoying problem. In this article, we would list out a few common glitches in Free Fire and possible solutions for them.

1 - Server time out bug


This is more or less caused by connection problems in the IND server (Nepal and Bangladesh would often get this as well). Usually, it would automatically be resolved if your connection gets more stable... but if it doesn't, you can try to switch on and off the airplane mode of your phone to refresh the connection.

2 - Refund bug

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If you try to get a refund through Google or take advantage or a bug to get diamonds, your account would get a minus diamond balance. If you don't top up to make up for that minus, you might get banned after a few days.

Free Fire takes these kinds of issues very seriously and you should be careful before trying to take advantage of and glitches.

3 - Online players displayed as offline

Locate Your Friends Name In The Game And Press The

Sometimes online players in Free Fire are displayed as offline in the group chat. This glitch is overall pretty annoying, as you would have to call or whisper to these players to communicate. Overall, this usually happens because of the server getting overloaded - it would usually get fixed after a few hours.

4 - Game Crash

If you encounter frequent crash while playing - this might be caused by the game's files getting corrupted or your device getting overheated. This problem can be fixed by either verify the game's data (by repairing your files in Apps>Force Stop>Clear Cache and Data) or stop playing until your device cooled down.

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