You need to collect four Lost Monument Fragments for the Monumental Study quest in the Girdle of the Sands. These hidden items are not displayed on the map and cannot be seen by your playable characters. Check out all four locations of these items to complete this world quest.

I. Lost Monument Fragment Locations

Four Lost Monument Fragments spawn in different places around Gavireh Lajavard, Sumeru. Some of them can only be found in hidden places that you need tips to approach and collect. Here are all spots of these items and how to take them here.

Lost Monument Fragment Map
Mark 4 locations of the Lost Monument Fragment on the minimap.

1. Hills of Barsoni

The first fragment spawns in the Hills of Barsoni. You can find it under the giant pink flowery tree in this region. Use Sorush to enter the inner root set of the tree to find the glowing fragment inside these roots. Stand near the tree before switching to Sorush because this gadget cannot move too far from its root.

Lost Monument Fragment In Hills Of Barsoni
There is a fragment inside the root set of the giant tree in the Hills of Barsoni.

2. Realm of Farakhkert

The second fragment can be found in the south of the Realm of Farakhkert. You can find a tree trunk on the ledge where you see NPC Zurvan you met in Vourukasha Oasis. This fragment spawns in an open place, close to the southmost Teleport Waypoint. Therefore, it's easy to spot the item after activating Sorush.

The Second Fragment
You can find the second fragment next to the teleport waypoint here.

3. Asipattravana Swamp

The third fragment spawns in Asipattravana Swamp. You can find roots and branches in front of the giant cavern. The targeted item floats under these big roots. There is a flower close to this fragment. You should stand right at the entrance of the cave. Use the teleport waypoint in the bridge connecting two mountain cliffs.

Asipattravana Swamp
The fragment in Asipattravana Swamp spawns high in the air.

4. Tunigi Hollow

The last fragment floats above the tallest peak in Tunigi Hollow. You have to climb this peak from the right side. Then, switch to the Sorush to obtain the fragment. The distance between Sorush and its root is limited. Therefore, if you switch Sorush on the ground, the gadget cannot reach the highest altitude to catch the last lost fragment in this place.

The Last Fragment
The last fragment in Tunigi Hollow spawns in a high place.

Your characters cannot see the fragment with their eyes. Therefore, you need to use Sorush to spot these items. This is a new gadget that you can receive from the world quest 'The Splendorous Sky That Day' in the Girdle of the Sands, Sumeru. Go to the inventory and equip the gadget before going to collect these items.

II. Monumental Study Walkthrough

Monumental Study is a new world quest in Sumeru. You have to complete the quest "As the Khvarena's Light Shows" of the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest chain to unlock this mission.

Searching for lost monument fragments is a subsidiary mission of the Monumental Study quest. To unlock this world quest, you have to complete the prequel quest 'Investigate the Fatui Camps Marked by Sosi' of the Monumental Study quest chain.

Monumental Study World Quest In Genshin Impact
Sosi is the main NPC in the Monumental Study World Quest in Genshin Impact.

Then, talk to the NPC Sosi in the Temir Mountains and receive commissions and instructions. Go to the locations described above to collect these fragments.

After collecting 4 fragments according to her guide, you place them into the glowing locations around Sosi. Next, you have to defeat three Fatui Skirmishers, including:

  • Electrohammer Vanguard
  • Hydrogunner Legionnaire
  • Pyroslinger Bracer

After investigating the Khvarena Monument, report the result to Sosi to claim rewards. Then, players can unlock further world quests in Sumeru.

Fatui Agents
Defeat these Fatui Skirmishers and go to investigate the monument.

III. Monumental Study Rewards

Monumental Study is an easy mission. You can complete it quickly. Therefore, the reward for this mission is also limited. After completing this quest in Sumeru's Girdle of the Sands, Travelers will get the following rewards:

  • 30 Primogems
  • 2 Hero's Wits
  • 17000 Mora

These currencies are essential for banners and ascensions. Therefore, you should not ignore them. Besides, you need to complete these quests to unlock further world quests in Sumeru.

Completing word quests in Sumeru also provide players with AR EXP to level up in the game. Monumental Study is also an important quest in this new region. It also increases the World Exploration level in this region. Then, you can receive many rare gifts from the Reputation system.

Quest Rewards
Claim many valuable rewards after completing the Monumental Study quest.

In conclusion, you should complete Monumental Study to get attractive rewards. Go to four places suggested in the article to pick up these items.

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