Luxurious chests in Genshin Impact Enkanomiya are new loots that give players a lot of attractive rewards. But these locations are still unknown for many players. Here are all seven locations of luxurious chests in this new region.

I. Luxurious Chests In Enkanomiya

There are seven luxurious chests in the new region Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact 2.4. Check out where they are and how to collect luxurious chests in Inazuma's new area.

#1. Mirror Library

The Mirror Library in Enkanomiya is located in the east of The Narrows. You have to complete the World Quest ’Collection of Dragons and Snakes' to access the library and get the chest. The chest is very big, so it's easy to spot and open the chest.

In Mirror Library
Luxurious chest in Mirror library

#2. Evernight Temple

There is another luxurious chest in the north of Evernight Temple. It's located in a plain area, so you can see and find it easily. However, you have to find three Seelies to unlock the seal around the chest to collect it. Open an Exquisite Chest in this temple to release three Seelies.

Another luxurious chest in Evernight Temple is placed on the northeast side. But it's hidden inside a locked room. You have to solve the maze puzzle to open and enter the room. But the labyrinth is pretty easy to solve, so you shouldn't be panicked.

Evernight Temple Chests
Two chests in Evernight Temple

#3. The Serpent's Heart

After collecting the third chest, you head to the Serpent's Head to collect the fourth one inside a secret underground room in the northeast of this region. It's also a reward from the world quest 'Date's Challenge'. You also have to solve the puzzle in the quest to unlock this luxurious chest. Use the mechanic to move the wall and make the secret underground room symmetrical.

The fifth chest is on the top of the pillar in the north of this region. It's the easiest chest to collect in the list of all luxurious chests. You can spot this big chest easily. But you need to switch Whitenight and Evernight to collect the chest. Use a tall character to climb the pillar and reach the top quickly.

Two Other Chests
Find two other chests in the Serpent's Heart.

Serpent's Heart has another luxurious chest on the northwest side. Players have to complete a world quest regarding Dragonbone Flower. This quest requires you to use Waters of Lethe to water the flower and get the Dragonbone Orb. Then, get the sigil order in the underground cave for the blue sigil wall. Solve the wall puzzle and get the chest behind the wall.

The last luxurious chest in Enkanomiya can be found on the southwest side of Serpent's Heart. It spawns behind the Evernight barrier. Switch the Whitenight and Evernight several times to solve the puzzle and remove the seal. After that, you can collect the chest.

Serpents Heart

II. Luxurious Chest Rewards

Luxurious chests often give players a lot of attractive rewards. Here are the usual rewards you can obtain from luxurious chests in Enkanogami.

  • Primogems (10-40);
  • Adventure Rank EXP (30-60);
  • Electro Sigils (4-10);
  • Weapons;
  • Artifacts;
  • Hero Wits and other character EXP items.

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