Scaramouche is not only arriving in Genshin Impact as a new character but also as a new boss. The reason why it’s important to defeat him in update 3.2 is you can get materials for Nahida and Layla.

However, taking down the weekly boss can be not very easy. So here’s a number of mistakes you should not make in order to win in the blink of an eye.

Bringing Electro

You may want to avoid featuring Electro characters in the battle against Scaramouche. As he has Electro resistance, even bringing the viable Raiden Shogun will be ineffective.

You must switch up your team compositions and prioritize elemental reactions with Cryo, Dendro, or Pyro.

Forgetting a ranged character

Same as fighting the Thunder Manifestation, Genshin Impact players should bring a character with the ability to fight from a distance. During the last stage, Scaramouche releases 4 Electro shielded drones and a melee character has a lower chance to win.

Make sure to feature a ranged character like Yoimiya, Amber, or Pyro Catalyst wielders so that you can deal damage from afar.

Ranged Characters Scaramouche Boss
Don't forget to bring a character who can attack from a distance to fight Scaramouche.

Not used to his multiple phases

One of the mistakes when it comes to how to defeat Scaramouche weekly boss is not remembering the different stages of the fight.

The fight includes three different phases which means you need to defeat Scaramouche three times to farm the boss drops. Therefore, make sure you have enough stuff for energy and healing boost to knock him out without trouble.

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Not dealing much DMG in the first phase

When you try to defeat the boss for the first time in the first stage, Genshin Impact players must deal as much damage as possible and trigger the second phase.

If you don’t beat his 1st phase in one cycle, he would get back up with a stronger move set which will be much harder to deal with.

Ignoring this unique mechanic

In the second phase of the weekly boss fight, there is one unique mechanic where you can control the Neo Akasha Terminal. This drone follows you around when you are fighting the enemy, dealing DMG, and worsening his shield power.

Over time, the Terminal can build a powerful shot up and it can inflict huge damage to the boss shield.  However, you should assure that you wait till the move lands.

Unique Mechanic Scaramouche Boss Fight God Scaramo
In Scaramouche boss guide, make sure you use the green Neo Akasha Terminal.

In order to trigger the attack, press the highlighted icon or tap the interact button when the Terminal is charged. Then you can tap the Elemental Skill to fire it at Scaramouche.

Making use of this attack several times will let you bring Scaramouche into a weaker state and he will be defeated more easily.

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