The desktop version of Crypt of the NecroDancer was a favorable game in the society 4 years ago. The game was a mixture of rhythm and ordinary turn-based dungeon crawler. It might sound somehow crazy on paper yet turned out unexpectedly pleasing in practice.

If Crypt of the NecroDancer was already turn-based, why don't we make an extremely fantastic soundtrack to accompany its action? It turned out to be a marvelous result. Besides, I always wonder if this game could be turned into a mobile version as it was so suitable.

1The game is finally released on iOS version

Brace Yourself, the game's developer, had the same thought. As a result, in July 2016, they published a port for mobile which was a great treat for mobile enthusiasts. After that, in December 2016, they declared that they were working on a new storyline for the game named AMPLIFIED, telling a prequel storyline to the original game while including some additional songs, characters, and especially, some surprises for players. AMPLIFIED was released in January 2017 for PC, with the additional content promised to arrive on the different platforms later. However, it was about two years ago. Now, they finally make good on their promise by the launch of NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED on iOS with a price of $4.99.

Unlike the desktop version where AMPLIFIED is a paid DLC, requiring you to own the base the game, the iOS version is a completely separated app from the origins. It consists of every content in the original game along with the latest content, all in just one app. Especially, differing from its prequel, AMPLIFIED supports full screen on the newest iPhone X.

2The game has some unique rhythm to shake you play up

The rhythm of NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED extremely evolve the roguelike dungeon crawler formula by pushing you to move forward and react on the fly. The genre traditionally encourages you to take your time to plan your steps carefully, so this brings an enjoyable breath of fresh air. In addition, you can choose to play without rhythm as Bard and enjoy the game like the normal dungeon crawler. Basically, this is like the ultimate roguelike dungeon crawler which everyone can get something out of no matter what their preferences are.