During GDC 2019, game publisher NetEase took the chance to announce their new game, which is titled Disorder, to the crowd. It is a game that focuses primarily on squad-shooting gameplay, with warfare and destruction acting as the main theme. The game is set in the year 2030, a time in which factions fight each other every day to get hold of money and nuclear weapons. An overused cliché, honestly, but it seems to work quite well.

Disorder’s title screen

A shooter is considered one of modern gaming’s best genre with various successful titles. The competition is looking quite tough for Disorder to handle. Luckily, developer NetEase has released some famous games before and is quite experienced when it comes to porting shooting games into mobile platforms. The game is expected to bring players an immersive feeling in addition to the simple joy of blasting your way through levels.

The mysterious characters

Looking at the official website, we could observe the shape of four characters, presumably playable, grabbing their weapons as they made their way towards some structure that resembled a missile silo. It seems like you – the player – will have to tag team with this quartet to establish a five-man squad to battle it out between the lines of fire. The game is expected to feature various factions to choose from such as the Thermal Nuclear Conflict and the Pale Knights. As for the character themselves, each is said to possess his or her own background, with clear drives and motivations.

A picture of the game’s landscape

As of the moment, pre-registration for Disorder is available in many languages such as English, Japanese and Chinese. The beta testing version is believed to be coming to platforms in the near future. Heed the calls of the Pale Knights and get ready for thrills, wars, gunfires, explosions, all in all, an experience of your lifetime.