Warface: Global Operations is a mobile spin-off of the popular free-to-play FPS Warface, which has been available for PC and console since 2012. This mobile version has been specifically revamped to better fit the touchscreen, offering optimized graphics intuitive controls that are easy to get the hang of.  With all that, it promises to deliver a shooting experience rivaling that of the best FPS currently available on mobile. Check out a trailer for Warface: Global Operations below:

I have had the chance to try out Warface on PC before and found it to be a perfectly decent FPS that has been polished with tons of gameplay adjustments and additional content over the year. The mobile version will probably manage to faithfully recreate that, though I do have to say that I remain skeptical as to whether it will be enough to attract players over from the likes of PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile.

Warface Global Operations Ios Screenshot Reloading 58ef_wm
The gameplay looks decent, but it remains to be seen if it's enough to attract players away from PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile

The trailer of the game highlights its intense action and extensive weapon customization. You'll have plenty of options to adjust your gun to fit your own personal playstyle, adding various attachments and scopes to adapt to different scenarios. There’s a sizable arsenal of weapons on offer too, including shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, and snipers.

Warface Weapons 2b5f_wm

Similarly, you can customize your character's appearance and gear to your heart’s content. Moreover, you can pick several perks to keep matches fresh.

In terms of graphics, Warface: Global Operations looks nice enough, although sometimes the environments could get a bit drab – an issue that was ever-present in the PC and console versions of the game. Trying to be realistic is cool and all, but at least try to make your game a little distinctive.

Warface: Global Operations is now available for pre-registration on Google Play. It’s also apparently accessible for iOS users in certain regions.