At the EVE Online conference last year, game developer CCP Games, the name behind EVE: Vegas, announced a Project Aurora. This game was supposed to be a trimmed down version of EVE Online on mobile devices. Shortly before its release in June 2018, “Project Aurora” was officially named EVE: War of Ascension.

Now, it seems that we are having another EVE Mobile game by the name of EVE: Echoes. The game was announced in June and referred to as Project Galaxy at the time. It is planned to come out on Android and iOS in 2019.

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On its official announcement page, CCP Games says that EVE: Echoes lets players explore the depths of the space, write a story of their own, and decide the fate of the entire galaxy. There are numerous planets to explore, with tons of activities to do. The combat will be, quite literally, stellar.

For this project, CCP Games joins hands with NetEase Games to give the game the best of both worlds. NetEase’s graphics engine NeoX combined with the game design of CCP gives birth to a stunning game. The starry skies and magnificent planets are all truly mesmerizing. The developer claims that the game will have “unprecedented graphical detail on mobile devices.”

With EVE: Echoes being an online game, the interaction between players is also an important aspect of its overall experience. In this game, players can establish or join corporations and form alliances with others. On the other hand, they can also choose to engage rivals in epic spaceship battles to expand territories. The developer is also developing a social system with depth and realism that is expected to bring players a futuristic interstellar lifestyle.

Eve: Echoes Gameplay Trailer

EVE: Echoes is set in a different universe than EVE: Online. That means there is no connection between the stories of the two games.

Netease is actually the company that is operating the serves of EVE: Online in China, so it seems that EVE: Echoes is in good hands. Many people are excited for this game. It will be available on Android and iOS next year.