From Plug In Digital

Coming from Plug In Digital - a well-established name in the indie game market - is the brand new game STAY. In this game, all of your choices matter and have a massive impact on the story. It is a new kind of adventure game with many out-of-the-box mechanics. You will put on the hat of a mysterious voice on the internet connection to help a man find his way out to safety.

Play Stay To Help A Stranger To Safety With The Ch
The Chatroom

The young man's name is Quinn and suddenly he finds himself in a totally locked room.  The only things in the room are an internet connection together with a working computer. There is one chat app locked on to the computer, and you will be the one who chats with him and guide him out of that situation.

Saving Quinn

Mainly because Quinn doesn't know what to do, you will be totally in charge of keeping him alive and save him from that locked room. You will also need to constantly chat with Quinn because if you leave him alone for too long there might be consequences. Gain his trust and understand his emotions so that he could share his thoughts and findings to you, then use that information to take the right decision at the right moment, your choices are all that matter.

Play Stay To Help A Stranger To Safety With The Ch
Guild Quinn to the way out

Will you able to help Quinn get back to safety? Or will he meet a tragic end? You are the one who is in control.  Just like the game Lifeline, STAY is one of those games that put the player in the driving seat. You will be in a fully immersive game world.

This is a great game which has been rated very high by both players and critics.  From Gamecritics they say that it is the most Intense Chat they ever have and Cultured Vultures regarded the game as having creative mechanics and deep gameplay.

Go on the App Store and grab the game now for just 4.99 USD (Rs 355).