PUBG Lite conqueror points are the key things you need to collect to reach the highest tier in this game. Apart from the skills, you also need good tactics and tips to rank up fast. It's not easy to reach conqueror in this game because it's the highest tier in PUBG games. Check out the required points and some tips to reach the conqueror tier in PUBG Lite here with

PUBG Lite Conqueror Points Required

After a 2020 update, the tier system in PUBG Mobile Lite is similar to the PUBG Mobile's tier system. There are eight major tiers, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror. The conqueror tier is the highest rank that everyone wants to reach. Moreover, the higher rank you reach, the better rewards and honor you get.

Pubg Lite Conqueror
The conqueror tier is the highest rank that everyone wants to reach.

It's of course not easy to reach this highest tier but it's also possible if you focus on pushing rank and try hard for it. To reach the conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile Lite, you need to collect more than 4200 points. It's not different from the required points in PUBG Mobile. In addition, each tier from Bronze to Crown has five divisions numbered from 5 (V) to 1 (I). For example, Bronze V is the lowest division in the Bronze tier, and you will reach Silver after overcoming the Bronze I.

Collect Enough Conqueror Points Early
To reach the conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile Lite, you need to collect more than 4200 points early.

However, from the Ace tier, it's very different. In specific, there is no clear and concrete number for the PUBG Lite Ace to Conqueror points. When you getting 4200 points, you will get the Ace tier. However, only 500 players reaching Ace first can get the title of Conqueror. It means that if you are not in the top 500 players meeting these requirements, you will not reach conqueror that season. Then, get another chance in the next season.

How To Collect Conqueror Points In PUBG Lite Quickly?

Obviously, speed is the decisive factor that determines whether you can reach this tier or not. If you get enough PUBG Lite me conqueror points required but you are not in the top 500, you only get Ace stars. Therefore, you will need some tips and a good strategy to rank up quickly and get this most wished title.

Conqueror In One Week
Only 500 players reaching Ace first can get the title of Conqueror

Strategies To Reach Conqueror Tier

As mentioned before, you need to be one of 500 players who collect enough 4200 rank points first. It's necessary to have a nice pathway to reach this target fastly. This is a recommended strategy for veterans who have good skills in fighting and survival. If you are a rookie, it's very hard to reach this tier with low skills.

  • The first stage is from Bronze to Platinum. In this stage, you will encounter more bots and noobs. The lower rank you start, the more noobs you will meet. Therefore, you should play aggressively and try to get as many kills as possible. Moreover, you need to avoid dying too soon because you will lose a lot of rank points if you don't finish in the top positions.
Pubg Lite Conqueror Points
Try to be one of 500 players reach ACE first to get the Conqueror title
  • Erangel and Miramar are two ideal maps for you to push rank. It's because the average time for a match in these two largest maps in PUBG Lite is longer. Thus, the survival points are also higher than when you play on small maps. Don't avoid hot drop locations if you have good skills because you can collect more kill points to push rank.
  • After reaching Diamond, you need to play carefully. Now, you can switch to smaller maps so that you will lose fewer points in case you die soon. In this stage, there are more real players with great skills. Therefore, you need to focus on survival and distinguish the fire sound of bots and real players carefully.
Pubg Lite Conqueror Tips
You need different strategies for two main stages; choose a game mode and a suitable map to rank up.
  • Don't take the risk to engage in early combat if you haven't got enough ammo and supplies. You should choose to land in medium and low-risk places to loot weapons, ammunition, and supplies. Only engage when you are really ready.
  • Wait until the enemies make mistakes and kill them quickly.
Stay Calm And Wait For The Enemys Mistake
Stay Calm And Wait For The Enemy's Mistake

Tips To Reach Conqueror In PUBG Lite

Besides a perfect strategy to push rank, you also need some tips and tricks to rank up fast and gather 4200 points early.

  • Play with your permanent team and avoid matching with strangers or you may lose due to bad teamwork.
  • Master a gun of each weapon category.
  • Don't ignore grenades and make use of all types of grenades.
Play with your permanent team and avoid matching with strangers
  • Always find an extended mag to expand the ammo capacity.
  • Crouch or prone when approaching the enemies to surprise them.
  • Play duo or squad mode and stick to your teammates. Don't leave your squad too far so that you can support and cover each other in time.
Choose A Right Place To Drop
Choose A Right Place To Drop Base On Your Strategy
  • Don't ignore the sound and use a good headphone or earphone to hear all the sounds of firing and footsteps.
  • Loot some energy drinks and painkillers. Always keep your HP bar full so that you won't be killed easily.
  • Never engage without helmet and military vet or you will die in one shot.
Make Use Of Grenades
Make Use Of Grenades To Play With More Ease
  • Focus on one game mode to push rank quickly.
  • Lean and peek to shoot, don't expose your body to the enemy.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Lite conqueror points. To update the latest PUBG Lite game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.