PUBG Lite Zombie mode download brings back an exciting game mode in the celebration of the upcoming Halloween festival. The zombie mode is not a new game mode in this game. They are bringing it back in the latest update. Check it out here with

PUBG Lite Zombie Mode Update

PUBG Mobile Lite has similar gameplay and rule as the PUBG Mobile, including Survival Till Dawn. It's an exciting zombie mode in which players will fight against zombies and human enemies. It's featured in the Arcade section in the mode selection tab. This new Zombie mode brings players a spooky gaming experience thí Halloween with a lot of new features.

Pubg Lite Zombie Mode
PUBG Lite brings back an exciting game mode in the celebration of the upcoming Halloween festival: Survival Till Dawn.

This newly-updated Survival Till Dawn game mode has many new features that you should know. Liquid Nitrogen Mine is a brand new item in this new zombie mode. You can use it as a trap to freeze the zombies when they step on this ammunition. Besides, this new game mode also introduced some new types of weapons with different uses.

Arcade Mode
It's available to play and enjoy in the Arcade mode.
  • Healing Wave: You can use it to emit a wave to heal the allies around you. It looks like a bottle of blood
  • Shockwave Generator: This ammunition releases a shock wave to knock down the enemies. You can stun the enemies and kill them quickly, especially there are waves of zombies.
  • Detector: It can help you detect the enemies nearby. Moreover, this weapon can also slow down the zombies so that you have enough time to heal, reload, or eliminate them.
  • Explosive Ammo: This weapon works like the frag grenade that PUBG Mobile Lite players are very familiar with. It produces huge damage to eliminate a wave of zombies or enemies.
Zombie Mode New Ammo
This new game mode also introduced some new types of weapons with different uses.
  • Zombie Grenade: Unlike previous weapons for killing enemies, Zombie Grenade can summon enemies in the place it explodes. Therefore, you can summon enemies to block the human enemy.
  • Combat Knife: It's a close-combat weapon you can use to deal more damage to zombies.

In addition, you can also loot many other familiar weapons to fight zombies and enemies, such as shotgun, ARs, SMG, and SR.

PUBG Lite Zombie Mode Download

You can play and enjoy this spooky game mode after updating the game. Open the Google Play Store in your Android device, or App Store if you use an iPhone or iPad. Then, tap on the Update button and wait until the updated version is downloaded and installed. Then, open the game app. It's available to select in the Arcade mode.

Pubg Lite Zombie Mode Download
Open the Google Play Store in your Android device, or App Store if you use an iPhone or iPad, and tap on the Update button

In general, the gameplay of Survival Till Dawn in the latest update 0.19.0 is not different from the previous versions. You also fight in a team of four players and try to survive until the dawn. Your team will land on the map and go to loot weapons and supplies in the daylight. Then, when the dark is on, the zombies will appear everywhere on the map.

Pubg Lite New Update
The latest update 0.19.0 brought many new features apart from the new zombie mode

These zombies can scratch and kill you. Therefore, you need to use guns or knives to kill these zombies to survive until the daylight comes. When you kill a zombie, you can loot some special weapons that were mentioned in the previous part. These weapons and supplies are very useful and necessary during the match. Besides, players will have to deal with unlimited waves of zombies in different types. Therefore, you will need some tactics and tips to deal with them.

There Are Many Big Zombies To Fight
There Are Many Big Zombies To Fight And Experience A Spooky Night In Survival Till Dawn

PUBG Lite Zombie Mode Tips And Tactics

Survival Till Dawn is a very challenging game mode in which you have to deal with uncountable enemies. When the night falls, you need to shoot, fight, and keep moving to kill zombies, enemy players, and avoid being attacked. Here are some tips and tactics to fight and win in this hard game mode that you should know.

  • Big zombies with a shield are slow but they can cause a lot of damage to you when you get close. Moreover, these zombies are hard to kill. So, you need to use the Shockwave generator to slow them down and shoot or chop them from their back.
Kill Zombies And Loot Supplies
Kill Zombies And Loot Supplies When You Run Out Of Ammo
  • Stick to your team and use the Healing Wave to heal all of you between two waves of zombies.
  • When you have to deal with a wave of zombies and your guns run out of bullets, use the combat knife to kill some zombies to loot ammo.
  • Watch out the zombie dogs around you because they can hurt you.
Use The Healing Wave To Heal You And Your Teammate
Stay Close To Your Allies To Use The Healing Wave To Heal You And Your Teammates
  • Keep moving when fighting the licker because this disgusting zombie moves very fast and hurt you by licking.
  • When another enemy team chase to kill you but you want to save ammo to fight zombies, throw some Zombie grenades to them. These grenades can summon zombies in the place it explodes.
  • Try to loot as many bullets and supplies as possible because you don't know how many zombies you have to eliminate.
  • Try to headshot to kill the zombies fast.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Lite Zombie mode download and some tips to win this hard game mode. To update the latest PUBG Mobile Lite game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.