When it comes to mobile games top up websites Google Play Store must be the no 1 option for gamers thanks to its convenience and credibility. However, don’t you know that there are also many other top-up websites where you can buy the in-game currency with a bonus? MidasBuy is one of the websites which offers PUBG Mobile Lite players BC at a cheaper price. If you’re unclear about how it works and what to note for while topping up with PUBG Lite MidasBuy, check out the detailed instruction below:

PUBG Lite top up BC cheap

What is MidasBuy

Generally, MidasBuy is a top-up center that allows users to purchase many different types of digital items from in-game currency to music, videos, and many others. However, the platform is most popular among the PUBG, PUBG Mobile and PUBG mobile lite users because it offers a cheaper price than the Google play store.

There are a lot of top-up options so you can pick up your suitable number. You can buy PUBG Mobile Lite BC from MidasBuy with the following prices:

40 INR - 35 BC
79 INR - 70 BC + 42
249 INR - 230 BC + 138
799 INR - 750 BC + 450

This price is obviously more attractive than purchasing BC right in the game with Google play store. While Google Play Store offers 90 BC for 85 INR, you can buy 112 BC for only 79 INR with MidasBuy. Such a great deal!

PUbg mobile lite top up BC
The BC you get from MidasBuy is greater than from Google Play Store

How to make PUBG Lite BC purchase with Midasbuy

  1. Visit the MidasBuy website as: https://www.midasbuy.com/
  2. Click on the PUBG Mobile Lite option, choose your location
  3. In the top-up section, fill in your PUBG Mobile lite ID
  4. Pick the suitable payment method
  5. There are a lot of payment methods available on MidasBuy like PayTM, UPI, Netbanking, and Razer Gold.
  6. Choose the amount of PUBG lite BC you want to top up. The amount of bonus BC will be noted right in the corresponding section. The more BC you top up, the more bonus you will get.
  7. Enter your date of birth and click Pay Now to process the payment
  8. You will be asked to make an agreement on MidasBuy terms of service and privacy policy. Check both of the two boxes to continue.
  9. On the payment page, you will see the details of your transaction. Put in your PIN (if any) and hit the Pay button.

After the payment is confirmed to be successful, you can come back to PUBG Lite to see BC including the bonus one added up to your account after a while.

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PUBG Lite MidasBuy

Major payment methods on MidasBuy

At the moment, there are 4 available payment methods available on MidasBuy India including Paytm, UPI, NetBanking, and razer Gold. Take a look at how these payment methods work and what to note when buying PUBG lite BC on MidasBuy with these different methods:


Being one of the most popular digital payment methods in India, UPI is available for Google Play Store and MidasBuy transactions. The real-time payment system is both convenient and trustworthy for you to make a top up in just a few minutes.

To process payment via UPI, you have to register for a UPI address and your account is sufficient for the payment.


If you've registered for a PayTM account, you can easily make a transaction using the app. The top-up platform will automatically connect to your existing PayTM app and all you need to do is verify the payment.  PUBG Mobile Lite Midasbuy Paytm is so easy!


Apart from UPI and PayTM, NetBanking is also a PUBG lite Misdabuy payment method that players are familiar to. This is also a safety and convenient way to top up BC in case you don't have a PayTM account.

Razer Gold

If you're a pro player who does not only play PUBG but also other games, go sign up for a Razer Gold account right now. With Razer Gold, you can buy the in-game currency of up to 2500 different games. The platform sometimes also offers promotions so you can top up at a cheaper price.

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razer gold

What to note when making PUBG Lite MidasBuy top-up

When topping up on any websites, apps or platforms, please make sure that you're working with authorized channels to avoid being scammed or hacked. In addition to that, in September 2020, MidasBuy PUBG Lite UC purchase is unavailable in India due to the PUBG ban notice from the government. The server will be resumed once the game in unbanned in the country. 

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