You can get the latest update of PUBG Mobile with the PUBG Mobile global version download link. Here's the guide on how to update the game and play the newest game mode in PUBG Mobile 2021. Check it out below with

PUBG Mobile Global Version Download Link India

PUBG Mobile Indian version has not been released yet. Therefore, Indian players can get the latest version of PUBG Mobile global version or exclusive versions via the APK version. It's recommended for Android gamers. Because it's easier for Android players to download and install the APK game file.

Pubg Mobile Global Update
PUBG Mobile Global Version Is Getting A New Update Soon.

The Korean Version and Vietnamese versions are two reliable exclusive game versions of PUBG Mobile that you can download to play. Moreover, PUBG Mobile players in India and many other countries can play and connect with players all over the world. However, you shouldn't live stream this game because you can get banned.

Pubg Mobile India
PUBG Mobile Indian version has not been released yet.

There is no PUBG Mobile global version download link official in those banned countries. The government and authority also claim that they will ban streamers who live stream PUBG Mobile on the internet. Therefore, you should fake the IP address with a VPN tool.

PUBG Mobile Global Version Download Link Tap Tap

The global APK version link of PUBG Mobile is available to download on Tap Tap. This website also provides the link to download other exclusive versions, such as PUBG Mobile KR and PUBG Mobile VN. The current version of PUBG Mobile global in Tap Tap is the Frost Festival update.

Frost Festival
You can download the current update Frost Festival of PUBG Mobile global version on Tap Tap.

If you want to get the updated version 1.2 early, you can download the beta version of this update for Android devices only. The size of this APK file is only 625MB. Because this update is still in beta test, you cannot get the final quality of the game version.

PUBG Mobile 1.2 Update

The new update will probably have about fifteen new features, such as new weapons and game modes. The new update will arrive right before the first date of PUBG Mobile season 17 in January next year. Therefore, the new update will bring a new game mode to the spring map Livik. Here are some new features in the next update you may get.

A new Cheer Park

  • You can see a lot of pink and white balloons and pink bunny footsteps. In addition, there are some spinning Rubik blocks. When you click on that block, you can receive different energies and missions. You will have to find other players who are compatible with the same energy you got to team up and complete missions together.
Sense The Energy
You can sense the runes in the new Cheer Park of the upcoming update.
  • The Bunny footprints will lead you to the lake in Cheer Park. The game developers built a new bridge connecting the lake bank and the small heart-shaped island in the lake. Many players prefer to get there and take some pictures on this island.
Follow Bunny Step
Follow Bunny's footprints and cross the new bridge to get to the romantic island in the center of the lake.
  • You also find a big stuffed bunny toy on that island. There are a hot balloon and two swings under the trees on this island for those who want to take a selfie. It's more interesting to explore this romantic island with your partner and try the new matching machine placed on the big bunny footprint nearby.
Have More Fun With Friends
Have More Fun With Friends On This Island And The New Matching System.

New Game Modes

More interestingly, there is a new EvoGround mode apart from the existing Payload 2.0. It's called the Power Armor mode on the map Livik. This interesting game mode has a new heavy armor set that lets users fly and launch missiles. Then, you will have more funs with your friends with this new PUBG Mobile global version download link.

New Power Armor Mode
New Power Armor Mode In Livik

Moreover, the upcoming update will also introduce a new Runic Power Mode. There are three new types of Runes stored inside the Rubik blocks you have ever seen in Cheer Park.

  • Wind Rune: Wind shelter can protect you in combat and reduce the damage you get from enemy bullets. Moreover, the Wind Boost helps increase your moving speed like using the hack tool. It also increases the reload speed and the damage you cause to the ice walls.
Wind Shelter
Wind shelter can protect you from the opponent's bullets.
  • Flame Rune: It includes a Magma wheel to roll forwards and kill enemies. You can also hide behind this wheel to approach the target. Besides, players with this energy can use Scorching Ammo to increase the damage to the targets and break the Wind Shelter.
Magma Wheel
Magma Wheel will work as a moving shelter.
  • Artic Rune: Players with this rune can create an Ice Wall to make a cover and prevent bullets from opponents. However, they can easily break this wall with melee weapons. The attack power of this rune is the Freezing Ammo. These freezing bullets can break the Magma wheel of players with Flame Rune. Moreover, it also reduces the effect of healing items.
Ice Wall
Ice Wall can be broken by melee weapons.

Moreover, the game developers also added achievement missions for the Runic Power mode. You can check out the missions and rewards in the Achievement Progress.

New Adventure Rank In Metro Royale Mode

The collaboration mode Metro Royale still remains in the upcoming update. To make this game mode more interesting and challenging, the game developers added a new Adventure Rank with attractive monetary rewards. Then, you can rank up to get that in-game money to go shopping on the black market.

Those are things you need to know about the upcoming update 1.2. You can get it with a PUBG Mobile global version download link. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.