While the Battle Royale mode is the main draw of PUBG Mobile, sometimes people just want to get away from all that serious strategy games. In Team Deathmatch mode, they would get a simpler experience of just shooting each other in the face. As combat in this mode is somewhat different from the usual – players from BR would have to alter their techniques slightly.

The Deathmatch map in PUBG Mobile is really small compared to the usual Battlefield

In the article below, we would get through the five methods that you could use to improve your ability in the TDM mode.

1 – Flanking

TDM maps are small and full of covers – you would often encounter enemies who are just camping behind those spots with a long-range weapon. Instead of trading shots with them, you can flank them by going the long route and attacking them on the side without cover. You can also camp on the flank to wait for unsuspecting enemies to pass as well.

2 – Movement

Pubg 248
Fights are often not 1 vs 1

With the continuous spawning and base switching, opponents can creep up on you from any direction. Because of that, stay camping for a long time at a spot is not a good idea in general. Try to move away frequently to find a new spot to avoid getting rushed by the person you just kill.

3 – Grenades usage

Combat in TDM is usually much more intense than the usual BR fights – you would have to deal with multiple enemies a lot of the time. To counter this, it is best to prepare grenades and smoke grenades so that you can distract them and counter-attack.

4 – Weapon choice

Maxresdefault 3
Getting different weapons might be a good idea

In BR mode, long-range weapons are the best, with Assault Rifles such as the AK and M416 getting selected most of the time. It is different in TDM – most maps would involve a lot of short-range fights, and in these situations, even the shotguns and pistols can be really useful. Players should diverse their weapon choices.

5 – Playstyle change

Due to the constant pace of combat, players should change their playstyle and respond to the situation as they go. For example, with enemies started rushing at the start of the match, you used a Shotgun to counter them… because of this, your enemies decided to go for long-range and camp. This time, it is best to find another range weapon to replace the shotgun.

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