PUBG is no doubt one of the most addictive Battle Royale games in the world. This title is an engaging online game that requires an Internet connection. Apart from the PC version, two years ago, Tencent Games also launched a standard mobile version and a lighter one: PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, respectively. The latter, as its name illustrates, is exclusively made for lower-end devices that do not have enough space to support the original version.

PUBG is no doubt one of the most addictive Battle Royale games in the world

In India, one such low-spec yet the budget-friendly device is the Jio phone. Back in July 2019, Jio did partner with PUBG Lite. Since then, there has been a hype that the Lite version has come on Jio phone. So what is the truth behind that rumor? Is PUBG Mobile Lite download for Jio phone available? Let’s go deep into the topic!

Jio Phone Summary

Jio phone is known as one of the most affordable phones in the Indian market. This is a 4G VoLTE enabled feature mobile phone from Reliance. Equipped with a single Nano-SIM slot, the Jio Phone can only work on the Reliance Jio network. The phone comes with a 2.4” display screen with a resolution of 240 x 320px, a number pad for typing and dialing, and a D-pad for navigation.

Jio Phone
Equipped with a single Nano-SIM slot, the Jio Phone can only work on the Reliance Jio network

The Jio Phone is armed with a dual-core processor alongside 512MB of RAM. Its 4GB of internal storage is shared between apps, software updates, and user storage. Users can upgrade the storage up to 128 GB by adding a microSD to the phone. In addition, the phone runs on KaiOS (not iOS) operating system and has all Jio applications preinstalled. This mobile phone likewise features basic voice assistance.

Jio Phone Specs And Features
Jio Phone Specs & Features

PUBG Mobile Lite specs

PUBG Mobile can run smoothly on most iOS and Android smartphones. The minimum requirements system for an Android smartphone is 2GB RAM and Android 5.1 or higher. As to iPhones, iOS 9.0 or later is required. This means you should have at least an iPhone 5s, an iPad Mini 2, or an iPod touch 6-gen to enjoy a seamless experience in the game.

Regarding PUBG Mobile Lite, there are no such minimum requirements to experience the game. The Lite version can be played on the majority of Android devices. Nonetheless, it’s recommended for you to play it on an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher with at least 500MB of storage and 1GB of RAM.

Play Pubg Mobile On Phone
The PUBG Mobile Lite version can be played on the majority of Android devices

PUBG Mobile Lite is currently not available on iOS. That said, iPhone users can still install it on their device. Read this article to learn more.

PUBG Mobile Lite controls

The mobile version of PUBG features the same gameplay elements as that of PC and Xbox. The only difference is that PUBG Mobile, as well as PUBG Mobile Lite, uses on-screen controls that can be customized by players based on their preferences so as to fit the smartphone’s specs.

PUBG Mobile Lite download for Jio Phone: Is it possible?

Now, it’s time to solve this quiz about PUBG Lite download in Jio phone. A lot of Jio fans have searched on the Internet for different ways to install PUBG Mobile Lite on their devices. While an array of tutorials online claim that the game can still be played on Jio devices by using some tricks and tweaks, all of the methods do not work.

Pubg Mobile Game Download For Jio Phone
PUBG Mobile Lite download Jio Phone: Is it possible?

To tell the truth, both PUBG Mobile Lite download in Jio phone and PUBG Mobile Lite download for Jio phone APK do not exist. Here are the reasons:

  1. PUBG Mobile Lite can be downloaded on Google Play Store from an Android phone only. As we’ve said, the Jio phone runs on KaiOS that can run Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, yet not PUBG Mobile Lite.
  2. PUBG Mobile Lite requires at least 1GB of RAM while the Jio owns only 512 MB.
  3. The Jio phone does not have a touchscreen to play the game.

Because of these reasons, the PUBG Mobile Lite cannot be played on the Jio phone by any means. Therefore, instead of wasting your time trying out fake methods of PUBG Mobile Lite download Jio phone, spend money to buy yourself a decent smartphone.

The truth behind the partnership between Reliance Jio and PUBG Lite

In 2017, when the PUBG Lite beta was released, PUBG Corp. has joined hands with Reliance Jio with the aim of enhancing players’ experience in the game and making it more accessible for Indian players. After this cooperation, a large number of Jio phone users have believed in PUBG Mobile Lite download for Jio phone. But obviously, it’s not the case. This collaboration gave no indication about the possibility of PUBG Mobile Lite in Jio phone.

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