There’s a saying goes: “It’s the people that win the war”. It’s true, but one can only do so little without the help of great equipment. The same thing applies to PUBG Mobile Lite. The game boasts a gigantic collection of weaponry, armors, and consumables that players can freely mix and match to their style. However, it can be quite frustrating for newbies to try out all the guns to find their favorite. Som read our guide here for the three best weapon combos for beginners. 

Combo 1: M416 and S12K

This is an incredibly easy-to-use combo, but the results that it can yield are not to be underestimated. Dubbed as the best gun for beginners, the M416 dishes out decent damage with versatile usages. And once you got all the attachments for the gun, it becomes an absolute beast in both close-range and mid-range combat. On the other hand, S12K is a shotgun that has an extendable magazine and fires super fast. It’s great for newbies who aren’t very good at aiming yet since you can just tap continuously in close proximity. 

pubg mobile lite beginner combo s12K
S12K is the only semi-auto shotgun in the PUBG world

Combo 2: Scar L and UMP9

Most new players want to have both guns that can auto fire in PUBG Mobile Lite. Therefore, the AR and SMG combo is a prominent choice. Much as the M416, SCAR-L is an AR that shoots 5.56mm rounds at a decent rate and deals good damage. It doesn’t have much of a recoil, which is more so perfect. When it comes to SMG, nothing beats the good old UMP9. The gun fires incredibly fast at little to no recoil, promising to drop your enemies immediately in close-range. 

pubg mobile lite beginner combo scar ump
This's a lethal combo for close to mid-range combats

Combo 3: M416 and Kark98k

As we mentioned above, M416 is a great gun that can serve well in both close-range and mid-range combat. What it lacks is the ability to fire long shots or snipe down enemies far away. So, most players pair it with a DMR or Sniper Rifle. For beginners, we suggest using Kark98k. This combo is a little trickier to use, but it’s the best out of the three. Practice your aim carefully, get a good scope, then you’re good to go. 

pubg mobile lite beginner combo m416 full
Once you get all the attachments for M416, its potential is limitless

Above are just the three recommendations we have for beginners in PUBG Mobile Lite. However, feel free to test, mix, and match the available guns according to your playstyle.