Recently, there are some new gameplay changes in PUBG Mobile that spice up the whole game for its players. The PUBG Mobile team seems to always have new plans to improve the game.  In the next update, PUBG Mobile Season 8, there definitely would be more changes that would make the game even more interesting.

According to leaks from Mr. Ghost Gaming‘s YouTube channel, PUBG Mobile’s upcoming update will bring the gameplay some interesting additions. Players will probably be able to play as zombies. There will be a new weapon called “riot shield”. Besides these, you can now have your own pet, more avatar customizations, and some other features. The beta version of PUBG Mobile’s next update will come first, then the stable version will be released later.

There will be some new gameplay features in PUBG Mobile’s upcoming update

Zombie mode is not new to PUBG players, but we only can play as zombies in its PC version. A lot of players may want to do the same thing in the mobile version. We don’t have to wait longer, because the next update of PUBG Mobile will bring us this feature. Mr. Ghost Gaming‘s video shows that in the new Zombies mode, players can turn themselves into zombies, then hunt other players down.

Players can play as zombies in PUBG Mobile’s next update

The riot shield will be available only on zombie mode for now. We are not sure how it will work, however, it seems like this new weapon can be used when the zombie's attack to block bullets from the front and protect themselves.

The riot shield on zombie mode

Now players can have their own dog in PUBG Mobile. The upcoming update will let you have your pet in the main lobby. More avatar customizations will be added on cards. There will be new emotes in the game as well. New cosmetic items include a new level 3 bag that will be going on sale. The new update will also show a new jungle style magazine. With it, instead of 40 bullets, Automatic Rifles can be equipped with 60.

The “lite” version of PUBG - PUBG MOBILE LITE – was recently released in India. This version is specially designed for inexpensive smartphones with weak network connections. The game takes up about 400MB and works on mobile devices with less than 2GB RAM.