The PUBG Mobile team has no doubt been very intent on keeping its players happy by constantly adding new content to the game. Across the past few months, we’ve had several new gameplay modes, with the latest one being the Payload Mode. The team shows no sign of stopping there either, as the next update is going to add tons of new features for players to enjoy. The new content is set to hit beta very soon, and if things go as planned, we could get the official release in a couple of weeks.

Pubg Mobile Update 016 C578_wm
We could see the new update in a couple of weeks

Labeled update 0.16.0, the next version will have 3 notable new additions. There will reportedly a new gameplay mode, probably under the EvoGround section. The classic map Erangel is also seeing a visual overhaul to celebrate the upcoming festive season. And, perhaps the most important change in terms of gameplay is the inclusion of a new in-game setting that allows players to change perspectives on a whim.

Here are some details about what the new update will bring to the table:

Death Race mode:

This is a team-based mode where players will battle it with vehicles. These vehicles come with an arsenal of heavy weaponry and players will race around a short course while trying to eliminate one another. Crates will spawn during the match as well, offering various power-ups for those who can collect them.

Beta Pubg Mobile 016 7d6d_wm
There will be a new vehicle battle mode

A button to switch between FPP and TPP:

PUBG Mobile has given players the option to play in either the first-person or the third-person perspective for quite a while now. However, they are two completely separated modes and there was no way to switch between them between the match. With the upcoming 0.16.0 update, you will be able to change your point of view whenever you wish, including while driving. This will no doubt alter the gameplay significantly and give those who can tactically implement it an advantage.

Winter has come to Erangel

Pubg Mobile Snow Bike 1 F51a_wm
A snowy area will be added to Erangel

The snowy map Vikendi has been available for nearly a year already, and now, the developer bringing to Erangel. Reports suggest that Northern Erangel will have a snowy area with the next patch, with skiing boards and ski lift added as well. Yes, you will literally be able to ski in PUBG Mobile soon!