Currently, PUBG Mobile is not a strange game title with players all around the world. There are millions of downloads and the number is continuously increasing every day. One of the key factors that make this game unique and revitalizing is the play zone. Zones can keep you safe or kill you. Thus, in this post, there is a completed guide for PUBG Mobile zone prediction you should know to never die outside the play zone.

Zone Prediction
PUBG Mobile Zone Prediction 2020: How To Avoid Being Killed By The Circle Of Death?

1. PUBG Mobile zone prediction: all about zones

The play zone, also known as the circle, is the area where players need to be inside during the game. Players will get damage if staying outside the play zone, so they are getting closer and closer as the game progresses. The white zone is the safe zone, and the blue zone is what you should stay away from because you will take damage inside this zone. The damage will increase by time, so in the latter part of the game, you should move to safe zones as soon as possible. There are 8 zones - circles with different levels of damage:

8 Circle
8 Circles with different sizes and damage levels

Circle 1 to 4:

The damage in the first 4 circles is very little, and you can easily heal up with bandages as well as rescue your teammates who are outside the safe zone.

Circle 5:

The damage is multiplied 3 times in this circle. If getting damage here, you must have higher tier items to heal up. Moreover, if your teammates are knocked out too far from the play zone, it is impossible to rescue them.

Circle 6:

Because now you can get 5 damage per second, do not try to rescue your teammates unless they can crawl to the zone. First aid kits can still save you as long as you use them fast enough.

PUBG Mobile safe zone prediction: Don't try to rescue your teammates in circle 6 and above

Circle 7:

In this circle, the chance to survive is very low because the damage is now 7 DPS. If you are far from the safe zone, it is nearly impossible to survive.

Circle 8:

At this phase of the game, there will be no timer but a 3-minute clock on the background. If after 3 minutes there is no winner, the circle will start shrinking in 30 seconds until there is nothing left, and you will take 11 damage per second. The only way to survive is to constantly use the first aid kits until all other enemies died.

In the final circle, you will take 11 damage per second

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2. PUBG Mobile zone prediction: Tips to predict the next safe zone

Generally, the first couple of zones are random, but as the game progresses, you can predict the next safe zone easier. Here are some tips in PUBG Mobile zone prediction:

  • Pay attention to airdrops

Have you ever pay attention to the location of airdrops? Yes, that’s the point. Safe zones often follow airdrops’ locations, so you can easily predict the next safe zone by keeping an eye out for the location of airdrops. It is demonstrated that the latest airdrops will fall toward the center to the next zone.

PUBG Mobile zone prediction 2020 tips: follow the airdrops

However, you have to be careful when looting these airdrops, because you may become the target of hidden enemies in the location.

  • Understand the formation of safe zones

Generally, the safe zone is randomly formed, but a good tip in PUBG Mobile zone prediction is to stay at the center of the zone and move towards the direction of smaller units like houses because these locations are usually covered by the next zone.

Tip of zone prediction in PUBG Mobile: stay at the center of the zone

Another important thing is that the zone rarely ends near or in the water, so you’d better stay on the landmass and prepare a vehicle to move faster in case the next circle forms randomly and you are far from it.

PUBG Mobile zone prediction tips: Prepare a vehicle to move to the safe zone faster
  • Keep moving

Because the area where the next zone will form is impossible to predict exactly, you should not camp, especially from the middle phase of the game. Hence, keep moving around and toward the predicted area. You can find a place to camp when you have already entered the safe zone. Once more, it is recommended to have a vehicle ready to speed up to the next safe zone.

PUBG Mobile safe zone prediction tips: Don't camp until you have entered the safe zone

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So, many players may wonder whether there is any PUBG Mobile zone prediction app or not. Actually the answer is no. Even the tips of zone prediction in PUBG Mobile listed above may not always work. If there is any useful information about PUBG Mobile zone prediction, we will update it on our website. Thus, visit every day in order not to miss the latest gaming news.