PUBG New State beta hasn't been opened for players to experience yet. However, a lot of PUBG Mobile players are excited about PUBG Mobile 2 and looking forward to the pre-order date of this game. Check out all features of PUBG Mobile 2 here with

PUBG New State Beta Version

The beta version of PUBG Mobile 2 has not been available yet. All the new features of this new game have been unveiled in the trailer video of this game. The trailer video also reveals the background and story of this new game. Unlike PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile 2 is developed and published by KRAFTON of Bluehole, not by Tencent. Therefore, it won't be labeled a made-in-China game. It will come from South Korea.

New Ecosystem
This New Game Will Have A New Ecosystem

According to the game publisher, PUBG New State, also known as PUBG Mobile 2, is a totally new game. It's not an update of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State are two different games running on two apps. Some major features of the game are retained but it has a totally new look. You can easily see those differences in the trailer video of PUBG Mobile 2.

The game developers also revealed that this game will bring players a totally new experience that will be very different from PUBG Mobile. There are hundreds of weapons and gears for players to use in this shooting game. Moreover, 100 players will fight off enemies to be the last man standing on the map.

Pubg New State New Look
Some major features of the game are retained but it has a totally new look.

Apart from fighting off enemies, PUBG New State players also have to survive from the blue zone shrinking periodically. The gameplay of this new game is both similar and different from that of PUBG Mobile.

Is PUBG New State Beta Download Free?

The Beta version of PUBG Mobile New State will be around 606 MB to 2.5GB. Therefore, it does not require more free space in the phone's storage than PUBG Mobile. The Indian Government and authority haven't made any announcements about the issue of this new game. They haven't confirmed if they would approve the release of this Korean mobile game or not.

New Features
The Beta version of PUBG Mobile New State will be around 606 MB to 2.5GB.

The pre-order of PUBG New State global will be opened soon in Google Play Store and App Store. As scheduled, the beta test of PUBG New State will be launched in the upcoming time. Thus, you can wait to experience this new game in the near future. Then, the global version of this new game will come in the latter half of this year.

Troi 2051
It takes place in Troi 2051.

However, it will arrive in some special countries later, such as Vietnam, China, and India. It's because the game will be inspected in some fields, such as content, images, gameplay, and age restriction mechanism. The authorities need to make sure that this shooting game won't have any bad effects on players before issuing the official release.

Similar And Different Gameplay
Both Similar And Different Gameplay

In short, PUBG New State Download India has not been confirmed yet. We have to wait until the global version is officially released. In addition, this game will be free to download like PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite.

Some Old And New Features
There Are Some Old And New Features

To pre-order PUBG New State, you need to locate the game in the Google Play Store or App Store and tap on the pre-order button. If you are in India, China, and some countries which have exclusive versions of this game, you need to fake your IP address to access the South Korean App Store. You may need a new iCloud or Google account for the fake IP.

PUBG New State Gameplay And Expected Release Date

Like PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State also features exciting battle royale gameplay. You can play alone in the solo mode or co-operate with other players in duo and squad modes. It looks pretty alike PUBG Mobile and gives players a familiar feeling. However, the game has a totally new environment and ecosystem with a lot of new features.

May Familiar Locations With New Looks
May Familiar Locations With New Looks

PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State will have two distinctive hosts in two countries and two different development teams. Therefore, you will have another character and a new account to play. Players won't play their old character in PUBG Mobile in this new game.

There are some reasons for the early release of PUBG New State this year. It's expected to arrive on the mobile platform in the second half of 2021.

Players Are Exprecting To Experience This New Game
Players Are Expecting To Experience This New Game
  • The heat of the battle royale game genre is still very high. Despite many criticisms, PUBG Mobile still got great success and a huge profit in 2020. Taking this great chance, PUBG New State is expected to attract a lot of players.
  • Then, the sooner this game is released, the more chance to succeed it has when competing with other battle royale games. Keep in mind that PUBG New State is a product of PUBG PC/Console developers. Therefore, its content is very desirable.
Every Exciting Gameplay
The Trailer Reveal A Every Exciting Gameplay With Fierce Gunfights And A Lot Of Tactics.
  • Moreover, the PUBG publisher seems to target the Indian market when deciding to publish it in the Korean studio. India is also one of the biggest and most fruitful markets of PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Last year, PUBG Mobile was banned in India due to its Chinese label.
Pre Order Will Be Available Soon
The Pre-Order Of PUBG Mobile New State Will Be Available Soon

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile 2. Let's wait to experience the PUBG New State beta in the upcoming time. To update the latest PUBG Mobile 2 game news as well as more tips and guides for players, let's visit our website.