PUBG New State is coming soon to mobile platforms on November 11th, 2021. KRAFTON has announced many details about the official version of this new mobile game. Check out everything about PUBG New State Official, such as graphics, system requirements, map, and gameplay here.

Next Gen Brg
Next-gen BRG in November.

1. Graphics & System Requirements

PUBG New State is the mobile version of PUBG that focuses on realistic graphics and gameplay. It's available on Android and iOS platforms. But it's totally different from PUBG Mobile of Tencent.

PUBG New State will bring players more exciting experiences. A lot of gamers are curious whether their devices meet the system requirements of the game or not. Here are PUBG New State system requirements for different platforms you need to know.

  • Android devices: Chip 64bit and 2GB RAM plus. For example, if you use a Samsung smartphone, make sure that you have the Samsung S7 or above to play the game.
  • iOS devices: iPhone 6s and above.

In terms of graphics, it's more similar to the PUBG PC of KRAFTON. Its next-gen realistic graphics on mobile make the game more enjoyable. For example, from the Over-the-shoulder (OTS) firing pose to recoil patterns and bullet lines, PUBG New State is very similar to PUBG PC. PUBG New State is expected to bring a new era to the Battle Royale game genre.

Pubg New State Will Come Soon
PUBG New State will come next month.

2. Gameplay & Changes

PUBG New State Official maintains the classic battle royale gameplay and rules with blue electric zone and survival gameplay. But there are some new features in the PUBG New State gameplay that you need to know.

  • You can revive an enemy and team up with him. The revived opponent will become your teammate.
  • Players will be respawned by using the Green Flaregun that is new in PUBG New State.

There are some small changes in the vehicle handling mechanism and gameplay. These new features make PUBG New State unique and new in the Battle Royale game genre.

Classic Gameplay With Many Additions
Classic gameplay with many additions.

3. Map & New Features

In PUBG New State Official, you will combat in a futuristic city in 2051. The map is based on the USA in 2051 when this country is under a crisis. Gangs battle for their areas. Troi is still the main map in this game.

Here are some new features that you will see and experience in PUBG New State

  • The old arsenal and new weapon customization feature still bring you some new experiences. Moreover, the game lets players customize rocket launchers to make the battle hotter and fiercer than before. The new exclusive gun FWS is also a significant feature of the game.
  • Apart from new weapons, there are some new vehicles in PUBG New State, from a supercar to a super-motorbike.
  • Search Drone and Shield are new additions to PUBG New State.
A Stunning And Realistic Map
A stunning and realistic map will be presented to PUBG New State gamers.

Troi is an 8x8km map. Besides, old classic maps in PUBG Mobile will be remade and released in this game. For example, Erangel New State will be launched soon.

The Station is the first TDM map in PUBG New State. It also has a training ground like in PUBG Mobile where players can try all weapons. The anti-cheat system and mechanism are stricter to prevent cheaters from destroying your gaming experiences.

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