PUBG New States pre-registration event in Android got great attraction from the gaming community in which iOS users are also highly anticipated for the pre-registration on this platform. Responding to iOS gamers' demands, KRAFTON is planning to open PUBG New State pre-registration for iOS this August.

PUBG New State pre-registration for iOS

After a long time waiting for PUBG New State, iOS players finally got an official appointment from KRAFTON. In specific, the publisher released the Launch Trailer of this game on July 9th. After that, PUBG New State has reached over 20 million pre-registrations on Android.

Pubg New State Pre Registration
KRAFTON is planning to open PUBG New State pre-registration for iOS this August.

Then, they also announced on Twitter that the PUBG New State pre-registration for iOS would start in August. Besides, this game will arrive at the Google Play Store and App Store at the end of this year. Just wait and pre-register to get a lot of attractive rewards.

New features leaked in PUBG New State teasers

The launch teasers and many trailers of the game have revealed many new features of PUBG New State, such as vehicles and weapons.

New Vehicles

Here are some confirmed vehicles in Troi in the latest Field Trip to Troi.

  • Firstly, there is an electric car called Volta. Volta is a new 4-seat car in Troi which uses a battery to store electric energy to run.
Volta is a new electric car in Troi.
  • In addition, there is a sports bike that will replace traditional motorcycles in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. It's called Vulture, a 2-wheel Juggernaut in Troi. Its max speed can reach 108km/h.
Vulture is a 2-wheel Juggernaut in Troi.
The Tram is an automatic train.
  • The Drone shop lets players loot necessary things, such as medicines, ammo, and new items.

Besides, the teasers also revealed a supercar. It can be the product of a collaboration between PUBG New State with a supercar brand. But it hasn't been announced officially.

Pubg Ns New Supercar
The teasers also revealed a supercar.

Moreover, traditional vehicles in PUBG games, such as Dacia and UAZ are also upgraded a lot in PUBG New State. They are stronger than their classic versions in previous PUBG games. You can crash and break the fence with these vehicles in PUBG New State.

Drone Shop
The new Drone Shop is also a new feature.

New Weapons

From many trailer videos of PUBG New State, there is a new secret sniper rifle temporarily called FWS. It has appeared several times in many trailers and teasers of this game. The scope of this new bolt-action sniper looks very different from normal scopes in PUBG, BGMI, and PUBG Mobile. It looks like a futuristic attachment.

Pubg New State
PUBG New State has a new bolt-action sniper.

In addition, what do you think about full-auto Mk47? Up to now, Mk47 has only supported only single and burst shooting modes in current PUBG games. However, a teaser of PUBG New State made fans and players excited with a full-auto Mk47 thanks to the Weapon Customization feature.

Full Auto Mk47
Full -auto Mk47

This classic weapon is one of the most underrated assault rifles in PUBG Mobile and BGMI because of its high recoil and limited firing mode. However, Mk47 has higher hit damage than many other ARs, such as 5.56 ARs. Therefore, it can become one of the most favorite and powerful ARs with full-auto mode.

Custom Kit
Collect Custom Kits to customize your own weapon!

Moreover, the Weapon Customization feature will allow players to create new weapons with futuristic looks and different uses. Players need to collect Custom Kits dropped around the map and customize their weapons to make them stronger to survive in Troi.

Those are all leaks from the latest teasers of PUBG New State. Stay updated with more features of this new game.

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