Dendro-based elemental reactions are still META. Let's check out the mechanism of the Quicken Genshin reaction. It's one of the most powerful and effective elemental reactions to rely on now.

I. Effects Of Quicken Genshin Impact

Quicken is a variant of the Catalyze reaction taking place between Electro and Dendro. It does not deal damage directly to the target. However, the target marked with the Quicken Aura will be affected by the Spread reaction when getting more Dendro or the Aggravate reaction when receiving further Electro attacks.

Further Dendro or Electro-infused attacks will get a Flat DMG Bonus. Keep in mind that the Dendro-infused attack is highly recommended as it deals a higher DMG bonus (1.25 level multipliers) to the target affected by Quicken than the Electro attacks (1.15 level multipliers).

Genshin Quicken
Quicken is the foundation reaction of many powerful reactions.

Alternatively, you can hit the opponents affected with the Quicken Aura with Hydro or Pyro attacks to trigger Bloom or Burning reactions. These secondary reactions are all powerful and effective in defeating opponents, especially large mobs and dangerous elemental bosses.

II. How To Trigger Quicken?

Quicken is the elemental reaction between Electro and Dendro. Therefore, you need to mark the target with a Dendro Aura. Then, unleash an Electro-infused attack to hit it before the aura decays and disappears. Or else, hit the target infused with Electro by a Dendro attack to trigger a Quicken Aura.

Trigger Quicken
Unleash Electro element on a Dendro-infused target.

III. Best Quicken Teams In Update 4.2

Based on the theory about Quicken, you need to pick at least one Electro and one Dendro character for your team. Then, pick other characters for two other slots to trigger further Dendro reactions or to obtain supportive skills like crowd-controlling, healing, or shielding.

Here are the top recommended Quicken team comps in Genshin Impact 4.2 that you may want to learn for this season of Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact Quicken Teams
Build a team with Dendro and Electro characters to trigger Quicken and further reactions.

#1: Raiden Shogun, Nahida, Fischl, Zhongli

Three out of four characters in this Quicken team are Archons. Fischl will support Raiden Shogun in triggering Electro resonance to buff the output damage for this team. She also provides Electro off-field for Nahida to trigger the Quicken reaction. Then, the Electro Archon can unleash further Electro attacks to trigger Aggravate.

#2: Alhaitham, Yae Miko, Beidou, Yaoyao

Like the previous team, Beidou and Yaoyao also provide Dendro and Electro off-field with their skills and bursts. Yae Miko does not require much active time on the battlefield, too. So, they can support Alhaitham. As the main on-field DPS, Alhaitham can trigger both Quicken and Spread with the Electro and Quicken Auras created by his teammates.

Genshin Quicken Team
Pick strong DPS and versatile supporters for your team.

However, Quicken is only the base reaction for more aggressive reactions like Bloom, Burning, Aggravate, and Spread, you can pick Hydro, Pyro, or Dendro characters for your team. For example, you can replace Zhongli with Neuvillette in the first team for a Bloom team.

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