Genshin Impact Sigewinne is the latest playable character released in Phase II. As this adorable nursing Melusine character is launched after the highly-anticipated DPS character Clorinde, many players all-in Phase I's banner. If you are finding some convincing reasons to spend your Primogems on her banner, here you are!

Roll Sigewinne
I have reasons to roll Sigewinne.

#1. Having A META Versatile Kit

Sigewinne's kit is not designed for the DPS role. But she has a multi-functional meta kit that uses the trending mechanic in Genshin Impact - Bond of Life. She can use this mechanic to support her allies. Moreover, her healing ability is stronger in a party with great teamwork.

Moreover, this Hydro support character can also trigger water bubbles to trap enemies and deal damage to them. After those water bubbles explode, they will help heal her teammates. This supportive kit makes Sigewinne suitable for teams that need a healer and a damage contributor. That's why Sigewinne is worth Primogems.

Sigewinne Annimation
Sigewinne is a supportive healer with the Bond of Life mechanic.

#2. Being A Good Support

Her versatile and multi-functional kit makes Sigewinne a helpful support character. Her unique water bubbles not only heal her party's members but also deal damage to destroy enemies' health. It can trap small mobs for DPS characters to accumulate ATK and elemental damage on the target to eliminate them faster.

However, using Sigewinne in a touch battlefield like Spiral Abyss is not recommended. You can use this support character in a world exploration team. Spiral Abyss challenges require more aggressive Hydro characters like Furina, Neuvillette, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Xingqiu.

Sigewinne Genshin
Her kit is suitable for the support role.

#3. Being Good For Exploration

Sigewinne is a good option for world exploration teams because you often encounter small mobs in the wild when doing quests or farming materials. She can heal the active allies when their HP values fall under 50% with her passive talent - Emergency Dose. It keeps your exploration teams safe and alive when adventuring through dangerous water areas in Fontaine.

In short, this adorable Melusine nurse is a good option for you if you are recruiting a healer who can support and contribute damage. Moreover, Sigewinne has a heart-melting Loli appearance and a lovely animation design.

Sigewinne World Exploration
Sigewinne is helpful in Fontaine exploration teams.

If you are a fan of this Melusine, you have a big chance to obtain this character now. If not, skip her banner for more attractive banners in Genshin Impact 4.8 and 5.0. Stay tuned for further updates on

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