The heroes you loved as a kid are returning under a new appearance in Power Rangers: All Stars, a new mobile RPG developed by Nexon in collaboration with Hasbro. In order to create this exciting game, the developers hbrought all the different generations of Power Rangers of the old day together.

The game features a large collection of playable Rangers with unique abilities, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers RPM. You can choose any combination of 5 rangers from this huge roster to build a team that best suits your playstyle and preference. They will be your trusted comrades in the battle against the extraterrestrial beings who threaten to endanger the Earth.

Power Rangers: All Stars Gameplay Trailer

Of course, it would not be Power Rangers without the appearance of the Megazords. If you have all five rangers from the same generation, they can summon their respective Megazord. These giant robots are the ultimate fighting machines with very powerful abilities.

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Many generations of rangers

Furthermore, like many other RPGs on the market, Power Rangers: All Stars has multiplayer aspects as well. You can put your ranger team against intense 5v5 battles against other players from all around the world. Alternatively, there is a clan system where you can team up with your friends and form alliances to fight through tough daily dungeons and Alliance Raids. Doing so will give you gold, crystals, and even pieces of characters (which you can use to unlock more rangers).

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Control your favorite rangers to defend the world.

There are various missions for you to complete as well, including repeatable daily missions like Dimensional Exploration or Dimensional Rift. These missions are pretty challenging, however. You will need a strong team and quite a bit of attention and patience to overcome them.

To celebrate its launch, Power Rangers: All Stars currently has two special events that reward players with unique prizes.

For the first event, when the game achieves 1 million registrations, all players will get 300,000 gold, as well as 30 Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Pieces.

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Unite rangers from the same generation to summon their Megazord

The second event rewards players with 500 Crystals when the Power Rangers All Stars official Facebook page gets 1,000 shares.

The game is now available for all players across the world. You can get it from both Google Play and the App Store.