The latest OB27 update has arrived at Garena Free Fire on April 14th. Aside from the gameplay changes, it also brought about new items to the in-game store. First, we had the introduction of the new Gold Royale bundle a few days back. And now, the new Safari Riot UMP Incubator is available in the Incubator.

Safari Riot Ump Incubator Cover
4 new UMP skins have just arrived

The Safari Riot UMP is the exclusive collection in the Free Fire Incubator in Free Fire, online since April 17th. Here's what you need to know about this new skin line in the game.

The New Safari Riot UMP Incubator in Garena Free Fire

There are four variants of the Safari Riot UMP skins. They are:

Safari Riot Ump Incubator
Check out the new Safari Riot UMP skins
  • #1 UMP Zebra Papercut
  • #2 UMP Gators Papercut
  • #3 UMP Grizzly Papercut
  • #4 UMP Tiger Papercut.

"Equip yourselves with the new weapon skin collection from Incubator, Safari Riot! Spin and collect enough blueprints and Evo stones to get any one of the skins of your choice!", Garena Free Fire

How to Get Safari Riot UMP Skins in Free Fire

To obtain the skins, you must first acquire the ingredients: Blueprint: Safari Riot Guns and the Evolution Stone. Both are available in the Free Fire Incubator. You can spin to win them for 40 Diamonds each, or five spins for 180 Diamonds.

Here are what you need for each skin:

  • #1 UMP Gators Papercut: 8 Evolution Stone Tokens + 3 Blueprint: Safari Riot Guns
  • #2 UMP Tiger Papercut: 7 Evolution Stone Tokens + 2 Blueprint: Safari Riot Guns
  • #3 UMP Zebra Papercut: 6 Evolution Stone Tokens + 2 Blueprint: Safari Riot Guns
  • #4 UMP Grizzly Papercut: 5 Evolution Stone Tokens + 2 Blueprint: Safari Riot Guns

Follow the steps below to acquire the skins:

Safari Riot Ump Incubator Exchaneg
Exchange the ingredients for the skins you want
  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire and visit the ‘Luck Royale’ section via the icon on the left side of the lobby screen.
  • #2: Choose the ‘Incubator’ page and click ‘Enter’.
  • #3: If you have accumulated enough materials, hit "Exchange" next to the corresponding skins to claim them.

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