The Assault Rifle Class is probably the most popular weapon class in PUBG Mobile, as they are strong in almost every situation. The Assault Rifles are balanced in all stats, from range to damage and accuracy. They are also pretty easy to use too, however, there are still a few more things that you could do to improve your ability in using Assault Rifles.

The best way to get your own customization and the correct sensitivity ratio is by making use of the training room, checking out settings and changing afterward. After getting to the Sensitivity options on Settings, you would be able to change ADS Sensitivity, Camera Sensitivity, Gyroscope, and Camera. These listed settings below are best applied on Assault Rifles.

1 – Camera Sensitivity

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Settings for Camera Sensitivity

Camera sensitivity would affect your ability to look around and change it would adjust how fast you would be able to change your direction. The default settings would work fine for this option in TPP mode. In FPP, you should reduce it to 75%

2 – Camera

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Camera Settings

This setting would affect your ability to look around while scoping in. The rule is that the higher the scope you are using, the lower the sensitivity you should set.

Overall, Holographic, Red Dot and Aim Assist scope would be 50%, 2x to 8x scope would be somewhere from the range of 35% to 10%, change it to whatever works best.

3 – ADS sensitivity

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Settings for ADS Sensitivity

ADS stands for Aim Down Sight and changing it would affect the degree of recoil control that you can exert on your gun while firing. Tweaking this could help players adjust faster to recoil and have an easier time closing in on the targets. Below are the best settings for ADS sensitivity.

Normal Scopes like Red dot, Aim Assist and Holographic should be at 60%, while enhanced scopes like the 2x to 8x should be somewhere between 40 and 10%.

4 – Gyroscope sensitivity

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Gyroscope settings

The Gyroscope settings would affect the tracking speed of your device and how quickly it would change the orientations of the screen. Below are the best settings for Gyroscope:

Red Dot, Aim Assist and Holographic would be 90%. 2x scope is at about 120%. The rest from 3x to 8x would be in the range of 60 to 30%.

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